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A Membership Checklist for New (Or Not-So-New) Members

Welcome to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC)!

If your company is a member, you now have access to countless tools, resources, networking and professional development opportunities. Use the button below to download a checklist, which highlights key membership benefits and action items worth taking. Continue reading to learn more about who we are and how we can support your work in corporate social responsibility. 

NOTE: If you've arrived at this page and you still aren't sure how to log into your account or who your account manager is, please contact us at or 617.552.4545. 

What Is the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship?


We're the hub for all things CSR. 

With over 10,000 professional and 500 corporate members, the Center is the world's largest, most-established CSR association. Our work is rooted in a world-class school of business, and constantly informed by the collective knowledge and experience of our members. Our impartiality is also a key differentiator; we don't rank or advocate; we exist only to support your CSR efforts.

We're a renowned academic center.

Founded by the Carroll School of Management, within Boston College, the BCCCC (the "Center") is a recognized name in higher education and the business world, alike. Members enjoy discounted rates on our world-class educational offerings, including corporate citizenship courses, CSR certificates, and customized team training programs.
research department

We're your on-call research department.

Our Center staff is comprised of experienced CSR researchers, who are constantly curating the latest trends and data points in the field. Center staff can also be called on to field individual "knowledge requests," exclusively from our members--for free.
csr executives

We're your ticket to the party.

Working in CSR can sometimes feel isolating. You may be part of a very small crew at your own company, but here you are part of an enormous community. Members enjoy countless opportunities to connect, problem solve, mentor, and more.

What Can You Do with your BCCCC Membership?

Offload tricky questions and research.

If you've ever spent precious workday hours trying to find out how others in your industry are tackling XYZ challenge, or if you've ever struggled to make a business case for your new idea, BCCCC membership can help you avoid that lost time in the future.

Educate and empower your team.

Whether you're a solo act or a team of many, BCCCC member discounts on CSR education (courses, certificate programs, custom team-wide training), quickly add up to support the cost of joining. As a member, you also get alerted first to new course offerings, which are constantly rolling out in response to changes in the field.

Stay ahead of the field.

BCCCC members enjoy access to weekly, monthly, and quarterly briefs--all neatly packaged for busy executives like you. We make the latest happenings in corporate citizenship easy to digest, and then we bridge these updates with related resources (webinars, case studies), to help you act and respond sooner.

Connect and showcase your work.

You're doing amazing things! The world should know more about them. Yes, the BCCCC is great for peer discussions and networking, but it's also the smartest way to promote your company's efforts in DEI, corporate giving, and sustainability.