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Affinity Groups for CSR Executives

Corporate citizenship work can sometimes feel isolating—a bit like life on an island. You may be the only person in your organization who is stewarding CSR goals. Or, if you’re lucky enough to employ a team, you might still feel like you would appreciate an occasional conversation with a peer who has a job in CSR, at a level similar to yours.

Here at the BCCCC, we’ve developed affinity groups (a.k.a. roundtables) to help our members connect with peers on other “islands.” Because the truth is, you aren’t alone. There’s a growing army of corporate citizenship professionals who are working in your space and who have confronted many of the same questions. If you’ve ever wished you could reach out to other executives on a particular CSR topic, now’s your chance.

Browse our current list of affinity groups for corporate social responsibility executives. Learn more about these groups (who should join, when they meet, etc.) in the FAQs below. If you still can’t find the answer you need, please reach out to

Corporate Community Involvement If you have at least seven years of experience in corporate community involvement, this might be a helpful group to join. Discuss the vital work companies are doing to benefit their communities, explore challenges, and share ideas. Learn more...

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Exchange ideas and work with peers on programs to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Participants should have decision-making responsibility regarding DEI initiatives within their organizations. Learn more...

Executive Forum in CSR Leadership BY INVITATION ONLY - This executive forum was designed to gather senior leaders in the field of corporate citizenship. Members discuss leadership challenges and strategies. In order to ensure relevance and utility for C-Suite members, access is limited. Learn more...

Supporting Military Families & Veterans How can businesses better support military members, military families, and veterans? That's the primary focus of this group, comprised of CSR executives who oversee corporate citizenship programs geared toward the military. Discuss best practices, cross-sector collaboration, and more. See details...

Sustainability in Professional Services If you're responsible for some or all of your company's sustainability practices and you work for a nonmanufacturing organization, this could be an ideal forum for you. Hear from experts, engage with key influencers, and review the latest public policy together with other sustainability executives. Learn more...

Connecting with peers delivers a whole host of benefits:  

  • Keep YOUR morale up—joining a supportive network can help validate your ideas and keep your energy positive. 
  • Get more efficient—someone has probably walked the path you are on and can suggest helpful shortcuts. 
  • Accelerate problem-solving—BCCCC members are working on some of the world’s stickiest problems; you'll likely discover opportunities for collaboration.

Learn more about the benefits and logistics of our Affinity Groups below.

What are Affinity Groups for CSR executives?

Affinity Groups are ongoing forums (a.k.a. "roundtables") where participants discuss critical social issues, review changing public policy, share best practices, and develop stronger peer networks. The forums are hosted by a BCCCC staff member and attended by CSR executives whose companies have a BCCCC membership.

How often do Affinity Groups meet?

Most of our groups run from September through June. They meet up once per month on average (sometimes less), via video conference. Twice a year, groups hold longer meetings that may include an option for in-person gathering and dinner.

How long do they run?

Affinity group meetings usually last one hour, but participants often continue discussions outside the monthly meetings.

Which companies or CSR professionals participate in Affinity Groups?

Quite a few! Our most popular group currently consists of 30 members. If you’d like to see who’s already a member of a specific group, click on its name above.

Who can join CSR Affinity Groups?

Your company must be a current member of the BCCCC in order to join an Affinity Group for CSR. Within some groups, additional criteria may be required (e.g. participants must be decision makers in a given area of corporate citizenship). If you are already a BCCCC member, it’s definitely worth exploring these options. And if you’re not a member, take a moment to learn about BCCCC membership here. Alternatively, you may be interested in one of our executive education options, which are open to non-members and may also include some element of CSR peer interaction (depending on the option you select).

How much do Affinity Groups cost?

Our Affinity Groups for CSR executives typically cost $4,500. Discounts are available for companies joining multiple groups, and complimentary registration to the BCCCC's annual Corporate Citizenship Conference may be included.

Do you offer any other networking/group discussion options?

Yes! If you're interested in connecting with other CSR peers on a specific topic, but you'd prefer a more condensed schedule, consider one of our Member Meetups. You might also be interested in registering for the International Corporate Citizenship Conference, an annual event that brings together hundreds of CSR professionals from companies around the world. 

Can I request a new Affinity Group for a CSR topic?

Absolutely! Please feel free to contact your BCCCC account manager or email the department at with any ideas/requests. We will do our best to accommodate new group requests.

Interested in joining an affinity group?

Please contact us for more information. Contact Us