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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Affinity Group

diversity equity inclusion affinity group

As the world and the workforce—not to mention modern consumers—reflect ever greater diversity, DEI planning has become a critical component of any corporate citizenship agenda. Smart organizations now prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion for a variety of reasons:

  • To support their company mission and core values, as a socially-conscious brand
  • To foster growth and inform a next-generation business model
  • To leverage the proven performance benefits of maintaining diverse teams and boards
  • And simply to operate in a fair and equitable way

The Affinity Group for DEI executives exists to support your efforts, as you work to identify and correct institutional bias, discrimination, and all forms of workplace inequality.

Hosted by the BCCCC, DEI leaders should join this forum to:

  • Participate in an ongoing dialogue about LGBTQI+ issues, racial and gender equity
  • Exchange ideas and work with peers on diverse workforce recruitment and retention strategies
  • Gain knowledge and insight into best practices for DEI programs
  • Explore cross-sector collaboration with HBCUs, minority-owned suppliers, and non-profit groups working to promote DEI in your community

Interested in joining?

Eligible companies should have an existing focus on DEI or plans to start such a program. Individual participants should have a level of decision-making responsibility for this part of their corporate citizenship program, and be a member of BCCCC. The Roundtable is open to two participants per company.

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