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Networking | Corporate Citizenship Conference


All attendees get access to these capabilities:

1-on-1 matchmaking

Our conference platform matches you up with other attendees with shared interests, so you can connect and video chat on the spot.

Structured group chats

During networking breaks, our virtual platform will allow you to join video chatrooms based on shared topics and interests.

Contact-sharing functionality

Ensure you can follow up on email and social media after the conference with easy contact-sharing functionality.

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Join the Conversation! Go to the Lounge to join a Table.  

Our networking platform features a Lounge area, where you can network with people who share similar interests. 

Simply click on a chair to join the lounge and wait for others to join. Participants in your lounge will connect via video chat.



Set Up 1-on-1 Meetings  

In addition to the Lounge, you'll also have the chance to have 1-on-1 connections with conference attendees. 

From the attendee list, you will scroll to the name of the person you want to connect with. Hovering over their photo will give you the options of meeting or chatting with them. 

Once you are invited to a meeting, you will receive a meeting request.



Chat With Attendees and Speakers

You can set up a chat with attendees and speakers the same way you would initiate a meeting. 

When hovering over someone's name, click the paper airplane icon. That will open a chat box and connect you to that individual. 


Register for our Virtual Conference by Mar 19 and Save $50



All attendees can share in the following experiences:

Newcomer Networking Session

Expand your network, discuss joint issues, and share best practices with other attendees.

Idea Exchange Session

Take this opportunity to connect with your peers to discuss key corporate citizenship topics.

Industry Session

Connect with others in your industry around corporate citizenship focus areas and opportunities.

Miss any of the event? All attendees will get access to video, slides, research reports, Q&A, and other event content that lives beyond the conference.

International Corporate Citizenship Conference 2021

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