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Breakout Sessions | Corporate Citizenship Conference


Monday, April 26 | 1:00pm EST


ALLY LEAD & LEARN CASE STUDY | Collaborating for maximum impact
Join this session to hear from Ally's Marketing, Diversity & Inclusion, and Corporate Citizenship team members as they share how the bank's cross-functional Social Impact Squad realized its new economic mobility and financial social inclusion strategies.

You'll gain insight into lessons learned from the launch of its Moguls in the Making program, an entrepreneurial pitch competition for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


  • Reginald (Reggie) Willis, Chief Diversity Officer, Ally Financial Inc.
  • Erica Hughes, Multicultural Marketing, Ally Financial Inc.



Inclusive corporate citizenship
Increasingly, executives understand the potential value that corporate citizenship offers back to the business—but do they recognize how YOUR particular programs advance THEIR goals? Not always. The key to building the business case and gaining buy-in lies in ensuring that your efforts support your company’s business strategy by helping functional area leaders and brands to achieve their business goals.

This session will help you hone your message and give you the tools and tactics to build a network of influence. You’ll walk away with a roadmap to help you clearly articulate how your efforts benefit the bottom line.


Better together: Profound partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
No one organization can meet the ambitious targets set by the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whose target completion date of 2030 is now less than a decade away. 

Join this session to hear stories of impact from corporate citizenship professionals who have collaborated with sometimes-unlikely partners to move the needle on the SDGs that matter most to their business context. 


Creating a blueprint: How to tackle your first sustainability report
Stakeholders expect that companies make corporate citizenship commitments and  communicate progress toward social and environmental goals.

This session gathers experts who have experienced every stage of the process to help you plan the architecture of your report.



WORKSHOP | Communicating in unchartered territory: The nonverbal and virtual tricks of the trade
Corporate citizenship professionals must be expert communicators, building an internal business case, encouraging participation, interfacing with the community and partners, and representing the company at every turn.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn the essential skill of nonverbal communication, bringing intention and polish to communication—no matter what form it takes. 


  • Nancy Dunbar, Teaching Fellow and Executive Advisor, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship


Accounting for environmental risk
Innovative companies are stepping forward to manage their own environmental impacts with the same operational rigor they apply to other parts of the business.

Here, you’ll learn about some of the internal mechanisms that companies are employing to mitigate their own environmental risk—from carbon and/or water pricing to executive compensation incentives. 

Tuesday, April 27 | 1:00pm EST


All aboard: Making the business case for corporate citizenship
Executives may understand the business potential and value of corporate citizenship—but do they recognize how YOUR particular programs advance THEIR goals?

This session will help you hone your message and give you the tools and tactics to build a network of influence.



GM LEAD & LEARN CASE STUDY| Measuring and understanding the link between social impact initiatives and corporate reputation
This case study will dive into the foundations of corporate reputation and provide best practices for identifying links between social impact and business outcomes.

Participants will gain an understanding of a methodology that has helped GM determine a targeted strategy to improve corporate reputation and raise awareness.


  • Hal Garling, Assistant Manager Global Corporate Giving, GM
  • Amanda Rogers, Reputation Specialist, GM


Going global—International volunteering and giving programs
As business contexts and supply chains become increasingly widespread and interconnected, so too do our community involvement programs. 

You’ll walk away with examples of efficient and effective international volunteering and giving programs, and an understanding of how to overcome barriers when going global with your community involvement programs.


Can you hear me now? Communicating CSR initiatives in tough economic times
With physical distancing and masking, there are new norms for communicating your CSR initiatives.

You’ll hear lessons learned from the past year, including how to promote grants and donations, how to communicate with nonprofit partners, and how to reach and be sensitive to employees’ needs.


WORKSHOP | Advanced ESG reporting: taking it to the next level
You’ve published a CSR report before, maybe even a GRI report or two, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. 

In this session, learn from experts and peers how to lay the groundwork to advance your reporting practice.


  • Tim Mohin, Executive Advisor, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship



Inspiring green innovation on remote teams
Companies utilize Green Teams--groups of employees dedicated to supporting the sustainability missions of their organizations--to both foster employee engagement and develop innovative environmental solutions.

Learn from leaders who have refocused their Green Teams to think more broadly  and galvanize your green ambassadors during this new normal.

Tuesday, April 27 | 2:30pm EST


Reimagining philanthropy: the case for an open approach
The past year has brought change in corporate philanthropy, and in many cases a more collaborative approach.

In this session, corporate givers in the field will share their insights and lessons learned from collaborating more with nonprofit partners, easing grant restrictions, and expanding focus areas to answer the urgent needs brought about by challenging economic times.


WORKSHOP | Diversity, equity, and inclusion for grantmaking and philanthropy

Where there are human decisions being made, there is the risk of unconscious bias being layered into the process.

This workshop will provide tools to improve structures, processes, and data collection in order to reduce unconscious and implicit bias and increasing the equity of our philanthropic efforts.


  • Liz Rogers, Director, Executive Education and Advisory Products, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship



Wicked big problems and the companies that try to solve them
Climate change. Racial injustice. Lack of health care access. As corporate citizenship professionals, you’re often called upon to help solve difficult and intricate challenges. 

You’ll walk away with tactics that can help you navigate your own CSR challenges and deliver business and social value. 


Strategically social: The rise of the "S" in ESG
While ESG issues are getting more attention from investors, there is a trend to focus more on the “E” and “G” aspects of this equation than the “S.” However, in 2020, social issues such as equity and inclusion, employee health and wellness, and political instability took center stage. How companies responded is getting the attention of many stakeholders, including investors.

Join this session to hear how investors are viewing corporate social investments and how companies can better communicate their work.


Getting to net zero
Addressing climate-related risk is high on the business agenda for 2021. Even prior to the U.S. reentering the Paris Climate Accord, research has shown that most companies have or are planning to take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Join this session to learn how companies have approached the decision to go carbon-neutral.

Wednesday, April 28 | 1:00pm EST


WORKSHOP | Identifying and illustrating the stakeholders and issues that matter to you
The business community is now embracing what CSR professionals knew all along—that a wide array of stakeholders is vital to sustainable progress.

You’ll learn how to prioritize stakeholder relationships and identify issues that are material to your unique context. 


  • Stewart Rassier, Teaching Fellow and Executive Advisor, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Christopher Lloyd, Teaching Fellow and Executive Advisor, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship



Who’s your squad? Building internal partnerships that deliver stellar programs

Research finds that CSR professionals frequently engage with other departments to achieve their objectives, most commonly in marketing and communications, human relations, and legal.

Hear from the practitioners who have assembled a “squad” of colleagues across their company to achieve success.


FEDEX LEAD & LEARN CASE STUDY| Deep connection with NGOs guides effective response to pandemic
Take advantage of this behind-the-scenes look at how FedEx is blending operations, in-kind support, and skills-based volunteering to meet the need of the hour: fighting a global pandemic.

Participants will see how to best engage revenue operations for in-kind support when bandwidth disappears, how to enlist skills-based volunteers, and how to proactively work with NGOs to ensure highly effective collaboration.


  • (Moderator) Monica Skipper, VP, Brand Experience Marketing
  • Shane O’Connor, FedEx Global Citizenship, NGO Strategy
  • Heather Holder, FedEx Global Citizenship, In-kind Support
  • Rachel Kesselman, FedEx Global Citizenship, Volunteer Programs
  • Kimberly Laney, International Medical Corps



Virtual volunteering: What’s next?
Even with an entire year of experience, online community involvement programs still require new skills and thinking about engagement.

Learn how companies are planning for remote work and virtual volunteering moving forward, the challenges they've overcome, and their plans to keep employees involved through skill-based and pro bono programs.


Up your disclosure game: Applying multiple frameworks and standards successfully
Corporate citizenship professionals are confronted with a wide array of reporting frameworks: GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, IIRC, and more. Is it better to use one, some, all? While each has its purpose and place, it is difficult to know which of these reporting initiatives is best for you and your organization.

Come to this session to hear from corporate citizenship professionals who have led reporting decision making for their organization.


Environmental justice: Addressing the link between climate change and racial inequality
Climate change is not only an issue of the environment. Evidence suggests that while people of color and low-income communities are less responsible for climate change, they bear disproportionate risk when it comes to its extreme outcomes.

In this session, participants will hear from companies that are working to address environmental and racial justice.

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