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WEBINAR | RESILIENCY: Long-Term Sustainability for Companies and Communities

The 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference on April 8-10 in Los Angeles is fast approaching, and here at the Center, we are working hard to prepare the best conference to date! The theme this year is Resilience | Responsibility | Results - an exploration of how strong corporate citizenship programs can ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for businesses. Last month we explored the RESULTS aspect of the theme; in the second part of our webinar series lead-up to the conference, we will dive into RESILIENCY.

Corporate citizenship can play a role in helping companies survive and thrive. Recently, Katherine Smith, the executive director of the Center, wrote about the importance of operational resilience and how, in order to compete and prosper over the long term, companies should do the work ahead of time that allows them to PASS through disruptions. To PASS, in short, is to:

Predict and prepare: Be proactive, not reactive.
Align your program with business strategy: Scan for risks, do what you can to avert them, and have a plan “B”.
Sponsorship: Enlist groups across and beyond the organization to make sure that everyone knows their role and why it is important.
Systems thinking: Consider technology systems, business processes, AND all of the people who interact with them. How can you build flexibility and redundancy in the systems so that if one node in your network is compromised, you can continue to operate?

Join us this month to hear from companies as they describe their journey to PASS through disruptions, lead through change and changing contexts, and created fail-safes to ensure the success of their business and community.

Speakers to be announced.

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    Wed Feb 14 12:00:00 EST 2018
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    Wed Feb 14 13:00:00 EST 2018
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