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MEMBER MEETUP | Workplace Giving: Sharing Best Practices When Asking Employees to Give

Just as volunteering can energize employee engagement, evidence shows offering workplace giving and matching gifts options can have a positive impact on employee attitudes toward their companies. But while 80% of companies offer a workplace-giving program for employees, with few common measures between them, such programs are sometimes referred to as the “wild west” of corporate giving.

How do you encourage, manage, and track workplace-giving programs in your company? Do you partner with United Way, an alternate organization, or have an open campaign? Do you match employee donations, and if so how much? What technology have you found works best to manage and track the giving? At this member meetup, we will talk through these questions and more as we learn from each other how to run an effective workplace-giving program.  

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    3/24/2021 | 3:00 PM EDT
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