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COURSE | Corporate Citizenship Partnership Management

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Take This Course at the 2023 Fall Summit, and Start Working Toward Your Certificate of Practice in Corporate Citizenship

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Are your corporate citizenship partnerships working well? Are your partner relationships easy to navigate? Are you achieving the desired impact? The most effective partnerships between corporations and NPOs bring together complementary skills and resources that enable partners to achieve together goals that neither could accomplish alone. This course will prepare you to:


  • Apply the principles of effective partnership.
  • Assess your existing portfolio of partnerships along a collaboration continuum.
  • Build relationships and structure effective agreements.
  • Implement agreements and make sure communications and program execution plans stay on track.
  • Find and interpret the financial metrics to aid decision making and evaluate performance of nonprofit partners.
  • (When all esle fails) "break up" with your partner.
  • Review and evaluate partnership effectiveness in order to improve or exit unproductive relationships.
Please Note: Summit attendees will complete a portion of this course in a classroom setting. Additional independent coursework--either before or after the Summit--will be required, in order to fully complete all course modules and earn full credit toward a certificate.

Event Info:

  • Start

    10/3/2023 | 1:00 PM UTC
  • End

    10/3/2023 | 9:00 PM UTC
  • The Ballantyne | Charlotte, NC
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