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Materiality: Determining Priorities for Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting | ONLINE

Executive Education - Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

A framework for tracking what matters.

Whether reporting on your company’s impacts, creating a corporate citizenship strategy, or evaluating a current program, a materiality assessment will help by conveying the areas of greatest significance to your company and society. A materiality analysis prioritizes the corporate citizenship issues that are most important to your business context and stakeholders, enabling you to allocate time and resources to those issues that are most important in your operating context. A materiality matrix, the result of this process, provides a succinct and informative picture of how your company had prioritized social and environmental issues.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to develop a materiality matrix for your industry sector and your company.
  • How to identify and prioritize stakeholders using key attributes of influence, legitimacy, and urgency.
  • To explore issues and describe issue life cycles and their impacts.
  • To evaluate different styles of corporate materiality matrices to determine the one most appropriate for your company.
  • How to apply the materiality assessment process to your company to identify corporate citizenship priorities.


Start and finish on your schedule: Courses take 15-17 hours, including video content and exercises.

Module 1: Define Materiality and Stakeholder

  • Introduction to the important concepts of materiality and stakeholders
  • Activity: Test your knowledge

Module 2: Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders

  • How to identify stakeholders and stakeholder groups that are important to your organization
  • Activity: Identify your primary and secondary stakeholders and their salience and level of engagement

Module 3: Identifying and Ranking Issues

  • Understand the definition of an issue and how to rank them
  • Activity: Material topics

Module 4: Issue Analysis

  • Learn how to analyze an issue for its importance and choices for managing
  • Activity: Create a stakeholder issues matrix

Module 5: Addressing Issues

  • How to address the issues you’ve identified as important to your organization and its stakeholder
  • Activity: Acting on an issue

Module 6: Communication Considerations

  • Understand how information should be conveyed and how the process should be managed

This course is for:

This program is recommended for corporate citizenship professionals responsible for developing corporate citizenship programs and/or corporate sustainability reports as well as professionals at any level seeking to better understand and apply the concept of materiality to the programs they manage.

Professional credentials earned:


  • Member: $860.00
  • Non-Member: $1025.00

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