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Corporate Citizenship Communications | Charlotte, NC

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NOV 14-16, 2018 - In a crowded communication landscape, how can you make sure your corporate citizenship messages cut through the clutter? Whether you are trying to increase awareness of programs among employees and potential volunteers, or developing an external messaging campaign, all corporate citizenship professionals need to craft persuasive, compelling messages. This course is designed to refresh your knowledge of communication principles, including audience identification, channel selection, and message development, and work through hands-on exercises to apply these concepts to creating more impactful corporate citizenship communications. 

Join us and learn:

  • How to align your company’s corporate citizenship message to your company’s brand and marketing messages.
  • How to customize communications to engage different audiences and still maintain a cohesive message to build awareness of your company’s corporate citizenship while reinforcing corporate messages and brand.
  • How to apply scientifically proven principles of psychology to improve the “stickiness” of your message and to increase the likelihood that your audience will respond to your call to action.
  • Tools for rewarding employee participation in corporate citizenship programs and measuring engagement.

This course is for:

This program is designed for corporate citizenship professionals seeking to improve their internal and external communications and better coordinate with Communications, PR, and Marketing colleagues. This course is also helpful for Public Relations, Marketing, Communications or other roles that are responsible for the CSR/citizenship communications or those have direct contact with key company stakeholders. Content will be taught at a beginner level.

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Suggested prior knowledge and skills:

Completion of the Center course Corporate Citizenship 101.


Professional credentials earned:

5 certificate units toward either a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice or a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Reporting, and 1.7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This is a required course for those pursuing either a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice or a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Reporting.

Courses Info:

  • Start

    Wed Nov 14 09:00:00 EST 2018
  • End

    Fri Nov 16 12:00:00 EST 2018
  • Hilton Charlotte Center City, 222 East Third Street, Charlotte, NC
  • $2130 Member
  • $2900 Nonmember
  • Introductory
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