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The Accelerated Certificate Summit

A Learning & Networking Event for Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals


Jump Start Your Way to a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice



The next Accelerated Summit will be held February 7-11, 2022, in San Diego, California. We're excited to bring the Summit back as an in-person event, and hope you'll consider joining us for all or part of this learning/networking opportunity. Below you'll find an outline of what this hybrid program offers, how it works, and why it's so valuable to professionals like you, whether you’re newly working in corporate citizenship roles or wish to broaden your skillset and deepen your understanding of key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

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Key Benefits of Attending the Summit

Whether you're new to corporate citizenship, or hoping to gain a broader understanding of the field, our Summit event is a great way to explore CSR fundamentals, while also working toward your Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice.

This is our most popular certificate, as well as a globally-recognized credential. Companies all over the world will recognize the distinction, whenever your career takes you. You will come away from this experience prepared to advance your company's ESG agendas. The unique hybrid format blends the immediacy of in-person instruction with the flexibility of online learning, allowing you to gain fundamentals at your own pace AND dive deep into rigorous, data-driven tactics in a supported environment. Past participants will tell you this event is well worth taking a timeout from your desk. Here's why:



Learn directly from a team of world-class educators; BCCCC instructors are experts in the facets of CSR that underscore your specific programs--whether you focus on DEI, sustainability, grantmaking, or some other niche. You'll enjoy opportunities to share your work and receive personalized feedback from these experts.

Gain Networking Opportunities

summit networking

Summit attendees learn and share together throughout the week. The environment allows you to form connections with professionals in similar roles, in similar industries, launching similar projects. These connections become indispensable resources for many participants. Classmates continue collaborating and workshopping ideas long after the Summit ends.

Enjoy the "Jump Start" Advantage

summit networking

There's no pressure to finish your certificate the week of the Summit or in any specific timeframe before or after. Complete your online coursework at your pace, taking any number of sessions at the event, and completing remaining assignments virtually.

Is the Summit Right for You?

We're happy to talk you through it. Give us a call, or keep reading the FAQs below. Get Personalized Answers

The 2022 Spring Summit Schedule

Some Notes about the Schedule

  • You can attend the Summit for any number of days (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). 
  • Each day of learning is bookended by a Networking Breakfast and a Networking cocktail event, where the full cohort can assemble.
  • There are three different learning sessions available each day. You can select only one session per day. 
  • Each learning session lasts the full day, with a lunch break and shorter breaks built in, as well.

Here are the Topics We'll Be Covering This Spring

summit questions

Summit FAQs

You'll find there is quite a lot of flexibility surrounding the Summit--just one of the reasons it's our most popular program. For example, you can attend as much or as little of the week as suits your calendar. You can complete online course units beforehand (so sessions at the Summit reinforce the topics you've already covered), or come to the event with a completely fresh perspective. You can push yourself to earn the full Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice by week's end (having completed required online coursework in advance), or you can use the Summit as a jump start, giving yourself as much time as you need afterwards to complete required components. 

But let's back up and review the most common questions people tend to ask:

What is the Accelerated Certificate Summit?

The Summit is like a five-day "jump start" to our most popular certificate program, The Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. It's a way for participants to dive into course concepts best suited to in-person instruction, while also benefitting from valuable networking and group discussions.

When and where is the Summit held?

The Summit is offered twice each year in various cities around the U.S.

NOTE: You don't have to attend a Summit in order to earn your certificate, but the learning experience is definitely more engaging and robust than completing the work entirely on your own.

Is the Summit the same thing as the Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice?

No. The Summit is an event at which participants can  pursue that credential in a dynamic learning environment. They will still have independent work to complete online either before after the Summit is over , but there is no deadline or required timeframe on any remaining work.

What are the required components of the Corporate Citizenship Practice Certificate? 

In order to earn this certificate, participants must complete five courses (three required, two elective). Required courses include Communications, Measurement, and Strategy.

Browse all required and elective courses here.

Each of these five courses is comprised of 10-12 modules (or course units). By attending the Summit, you'll have an opportunity to complete some of these modules together with a group of peers and a world-class expert in CSR. Exactly how many modules you'll complete during the Summit depends on how many days you attend (More about the daily learning sessions below.) 

If you have additional questions about how Summit sessions correspond with certificate courses, or which courses you should be taking, please don't hesitate to contact our team. You can reach us at

Will I get my certificate when the Summit is over?

Not unless you invest time before the event, completing most of the coursework online.  Again, Summit learning sessions offer a deep-dive into one or two topics within a course. They don't cover any course in its entirety. Within each learning session, you'll interact with a group of peers and an instructor guiding the discussion. However, the remaining units of each course need to be completed independently, before or after Summit week is over, in order to meet the requirements for the certificate.

What is the advantage of registering for the Summit (versus earning the certificate on my own time)?

Participants tell us the peer learning and networking portion of the Summit is immeasurably valuable. Real-time feedback and live answers to your questions are also benefits you might miss if you opted to complete the five required courses all on your own.

There's also a cost benefit. When you bundle multiple courses together as part of your Summit enrollment, you'll pay less than if you registered for them individually.

Finally, many participants tell us there's an added layer of accountability when they begin the certificate program alongside peers. Most program participants keep in touch long after the Summit week is over. Classmates can be a motivating force to keep working toward the finish line.

Okay, so where do I start?

Start by choosing which course(s) you'd like to register for. If you’d like to earn your certificate, make sure you’ve selected the three required (Strategy, Communications, and Measurement), and two electives. 

What does it cost to attend the Summit?

See the most recent pricing chart listed below.

2022 Spring Summit Pricing


Get a Jump on Your Corporate Citizenship Certificate!

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Read What Past Participants Are Saying about This Experience

Every year, CSR professionals from national and global firms come together to form a new Summit cohort. And every year their post-Summit reviews confirm how well this program aligns with real-world work challenges and today's most pressing issues. Curious to know which companies will be represented at the upcoming Summit? Drop us a line, we're happy to share a preview:

summit information

PACKED WITH INFORMATION "I attended [the Summit] and learned so much from the team and the other participants. The courses are packed with information that is easily applied to our programs, even without having any prior CSR training."

-Community Relations & Employee Engagement Professional

summit instructors

EXPERT TEACHERS "I left the week with a wealth of knowledge, tools, and resources that have been instrumental in supporting my community work...The teachers were experts in the CSR space and the feedback/dialogue with classmates was helpful and refreshing."

-Corporate Community & Economic Development Director

peer support

PEER SUPPORT "This week gave me an opportunity to work on my programs, instead of in them... The expert advice, peer support, and comprehensive resources really helped me think through some of the challenges we are facing in the rapidly evolving world of corporate citizenship."

-VP, Social Impact