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Accelerated Certificate Summit: San Diego, Fall 2019


November 18-22, 2019

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is happy to offer our most popular certificate—The Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice—in an Accelerated Summit that combines the best aspects of our in-person courses with the flexibility of online options.

This dynamic, week-long event is a hybrid-learning experience that enables you to earn your Certificate quickly and cost-effectively by diving deep into CSR best practices and connecting core skills with applicable electives. The Summit offers plentiful opportunities to network with colleagues as well.


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ATTEND THE IN-PERSON SUMMIT Choose one course per day at the week-long program in San Diego. Mix and match core courses required to complete your Certificate and/or the elective courses that interest you the most


COMPLETE ONLINE COURSEWORK For each course, you will complete online modules supplementing the shorter in-person program, which you can begin and finish at your convenience—before or after the in-person Summit.


CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE Facing time constraints? Come for the whole week, one day, or anything in between—you can complete your remaining certificate units later with the Center's online, on-demand course offerings.


Start the enrollment process here. ENROLL NOW

A note about pricing:

The traditional in-person path for those seeking a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice—who want to do all of the work during in-person classes, one class at a time—costs an average of $25,000 including travel and hotel expenses, usually takes place over 15 days in 5 different locations, and often takes years to complete.

The Accelerated Certificate Summit fast-tracks this experience to 5 class days in one location with supplemental online material, slashes travel costs, and allows you obtain your Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice in A FRACTION of the time at HALF the cost.