Mapping our way forward


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable.” 

-Charles Darwin

Corporate citizenship professionals have always excelled at adapting to evolving contexts, and that skill has certainly been put to the test lately. It may feel, recently, like each day brings a new disruption. I continue to be impressed by the adaptability of our BCCCC members as they navigate business responses to shifting stakeholder needs.

When the only constant is change, how do you plan for the future? It’s important to take time to scan the horizon, connect with peers and stakeholders, and do some surveillance on your operating context to look for signals of change. While it may be challenging to find the time, especially in the fast-paced profession of corporate citizenship, keeping your ear to the ground on trends and preparing for them will save you time in the long run.

One near-certainty that we can expect is increased requirements for reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) indicators. This year, the International Organization of Securities Commissions—whose membership regulates more than 95% of the world’s securities markets—issued a recommendation that securities regulators set expectations for asset managers regarding sustainability-related risks. Here in the U.S., the SEC’s annual regulatory agenda already includes plans to propose disclosure rules on climate change, board diversity, ESG investing, and more. This is just the latest in a string of recent actions by regulatory bodies around the world. If you’re not already reporting on your company’s ESG performance, now is the time to start—with an eye toward establishing quantitative time-bound goals.

In the latest Fall issue of the Corporate Citizen, we are touching upon a variety of topics intended to help you get curious about what’s to come—starting with new findings from our Community Involvement Study 2021, which details the latest developments in employee volunteering, corporate giving, and more. In the following pages, you’ll find examples of companies that have evolved their corporate citizenship approaches in order to get ahead of emerging challenges and opportunities—from environmental initiatives at Target and FedEx to evolving signature programs at EY and Travelers that take the long view.

We cannot plan for everything—disruptions will be constant—but we can use current information to prepare for likely risks that may come our way. The Center makes this easier for members by providing individualized support when you need it and resources to keep you abreast of trends in CSR-related news, regulatory updates, research, and more. If you’re not a member and you’re interested in taking advantage of these benefits and more, please contact us at We look forward to adapting with you!