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479520746-webad-small.jpgWelcome to our new website! We encourage you to explore our newly enhanced, mobile-friendly platform. To help guide your experience, we’re sharing some of its most exciting and useful features.

Our new website has a robust resource library that is completely searchable in a variety of ways, including by topic. For example, if you want to learn more about employee engagement, you can access focused information about the topic, including relevant articles from our magazine, The Corporate Citizen, as well as research findings from management practice and academic study, recent regulatory decisions that may impact your corporate citizenship efforts, and webinars.



If there is a specific kind of knowledge asset you’re looking for (whether a research report or a webinar from one of our executive education course offerings) you can also search our resource library by type. In addition, you can search by keyword, mining for more information about “experts,” “data philanthropy,” or “ecosystem”— has it all for you.



While all visitors will be able to easily search through our thousands of knowledge assets—including company examples, learnings from top leaders, and videos outlining effective corporate citizenship programs—members will have additional access and can seamlessly initiate knowledge requests, schedule on-site trainings, and access our online member community.


Are you from a member company and have a specific request? You can submit a knowledge request at any time via our website and our team will gather resources for you relating to corporate citizenship best practices and initiatives.  Consider us your built-in research team. Remember, there is no limit to how many requests you can submit. This is one of many member benefits.

With its updated design, our new website makes it easier for all visitors to take advance of the insights, research, and executive education courses they’ve come to rely on from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship.

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