Supporting entrepreneurs is a top priority

Entrepreneurship has existed for as long as human commerce, and enjoys a place of prominence and even romance in cultures around the world. Entrepreneurs inject competition and innovation to existing markets, introduce new products and processes, and create jobs. The entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes startups is still highly valued in established companies, and many of the largest and most successful companies pride themselves on fostering such innovation, agility, and passion. Indeed, supporting entrepreneurs is a shared priority of executives and consumers alike; according to the Center for Corporate Citizenship 2012 State of Corporate Citizenship report, US executives reported that their company should be held responsible for supporting small business and entrepreneurship, second only to creating well-compensated jobs. Executives from Latin America and Europe also listed supporting small businesses among their top three priorities. For global consumers, particularly for women, developing market countries, and those aged 45 and over, supporting small business was listed in their top five priorities.

However, startups and small entrepreneurial businesses continue to face steep challenges on the path to stability and success – financing, building their brand, and navigating the competitive market environment to name a few. To help them face these challenges and succeed in spite of them, member companies EY and SAP are taking a stand with initiatives and programs that invest in tomorrow’s economy. EY, one of the world’s leading professional services organizations, helps companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. As experts in business success, they use their skills to support startups, recognize their success, and share that success with a broad audience. Beth Rosemond, Ph.D., the Assistant Director of Corporate Responsibility, will share the compelling story of EY’s journey to promote and support entrepreneurship.

SAP is a market and technology leader in enterprise applications software. In SAP, entrepreneurs from across the globe find a willing partner to help accelerate job creation and business growth by supporting technology advances and focusing on sustainable business models. Nicolette Van Exel is the Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP AG, and she will provide insight on entrepreneurship in emerging and developing economies in particular.Please register and join us this month to see how EY and SAP are reaching networks of entrepreneurs, spanning all corners of the globe, and drawing the connections back to their own businesses.