Is your corporate citizenship and sustainability department facing finite resources?

WebinarJune2013Finite resources of time, support, and the almighty dollar can leave citizenship and sustainability departments searching for solutions. How can we do more with less? Can we afford to strive for the impacts we want? What are the priorities?

We will discuss the answers to these questions and more in this month’s webinar. During the one hour discussion we will take a deep dive into one member’s quest to maximize the impact of her CSR programs and her dollars. Christy Reeves of Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana, despite her finite budget and limited resources had a vision of engaging and improving the lives of citizens across the Louisiana state. She refused to settle for the programs, and therefore the impact, her own money could buy. Rather, she utilized a model taught at Boston College by FSG called the collective impact model. Christy had a problem worth solving, and an idea for a common agenda that would engage other members of the community towards this common goal. Through her ability to mobilize dollars that were not in her direct control, Christy was able to realize impacts that far exceed the original investment.

Using her visionary approach toward impact investing and through mobilizing local resources, she was able to spearhead the Foundation’s Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana. This nearly thirty million dollar project takes a multi-pronged approach toward tackling childhood obesity, nutrition education, healthy food access and neighborhood fitness.

It is evident that Christy has embraced a true “more than philanthropy” approach. She has implemented a combination of financial support, community engagement and critical efficacy analysis to all on-going programs, with the ultimate goal of helping make the world around her a happier, healthier place.

We hope you will join us on June 5th at 12pm (EST) to hear about her story, her challenges, her strategy, and take away some key insights so that you too can make a greater impact with the budget you have. Click here to register.