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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

The business case for corporate community involvement has never been stronger. Whether through in-kind and financial donations, employee volunteer days, or enduring partnerships, CSR has the power to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which you operate and to your company. In fact, the benefits of corporate community involvement are two-fold, providing positive returns to local charitable organizations and neighborhoods and boosting company performance indicators, such as reputation and employee engagement. As your company builds partnerships and working relationships with local community nonprofits and service-based organizations, neighborhoods are strengthened.

Corporate community involvement programs can provide your company with a platform for showcasing products, employee competencies, and your firm's values. There are even ways to promote networking and skill-building among employees while you are strengthening your community. Companies that use corporate citizenship to strengthen community partnerships are not only able to foster a workplace culture deepens employee commitment, but are also able to build enduring relationships in the communities within which they do business, a quality that benefits both companies and communities alike.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help you develop an effective corporate community involvement program. Here is a sample of what we offer our members.

Resources and Research on Corporate Community Involvement


Community Involvement Study

Conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this research project explores how companies are investing in corporate giving and employee volunteering and how these community involvement efforts connect to overall business success.


Community Involvement Technology Vendor Report

A strategically managed community involvement program can deliver significant value to both the business and society. As community involvement programs grow and mature, they can become more complicated and difficult to manage.

Community Involvement

Reflecting on the season of giving

As our calendar year comes to an end and many are moving into new budget cycles this spring, it is a good time to assess your giving strategy and make sure it is designed to maximize both social and business value.


Community Involvement: Local Communities, Larger Purpose

How two companies are extending their foundational purposes to do good for causes central to their continued growth.


Community Involvement Infographic

Corporate investments in employee volunteering and corporate giving efforts–the major dimensions of community involvement—are yielding positive results for both companies and the communities they serve. Corporate citizenship professionals are maximizing these impacts with strategic programs that engage an recognize their employees.


Skills based volunteer projects increase employee retention

Employee participation in a skills based volunteer project is positively associated with employee retention rates in the firm.


Employee giving to employee support programs makes for happier, more dedicated employees

Employees who gave to employee support programs saw the company as more caring which affected their commitment to the company positively. Overall, employees who gave to the program experienced increased job satisfaction, as a result of stronger commitment and an improved perception of the company.


Nonprofit Board Training: Preparing and Engaging Employees for Board Service

This webinar featured companies who have created training programs that help both the employee and the nonprofit. You will learn how these companies increase participation, then measure and communicate their results.

Interested in More Resources?

Explore our research archives for more on community involvement. Search Resource Library

Upcoming Courses in Corporate Community Involvement

Corporate Citizenship Partnership Management | Chicago, IL

SEPT 13-14, 2017 - Enroll by JULY 28 and SAVE $200 - This two-day workshop teaches you how to engage in strategic partnerships that deliver value to the community, as well as back to your company.

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Corporate Citizenship Partnership Management | ONLINE

OCT 2-NOV 22, 2017 - Enroll by AUG 3 and SAVE $250 - This online workshop teaches you how to engage in strategic partnerships that deliver value to the community, as well as back to your company.

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Corporate Giving: Maximizing Effectiveness | San Francisco, CA

OCT 25-27, 2017 - Enroll by AUG 25 and SAVE $250 - Corporate giving is expected by customers, employees, and the communities in which companies operate globally. Is your corporate giving strategy delivering maximum value?

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