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Corporate Citizenship


Corporate citizenship refers to how a company exercises its rights, responsibilities, obligations, and privileges within our local and global societies. We measure corporate citizenship by how well companies manage not only their financial performance, but also their environmental and social impacts and opportunities. Whether we call it CSR, Corporate Responsibility, or ESG, great corporate citizenship goes beyond a focus on addressing surface-level sustainability efforts or corporate philanthropy. Today’s leading responsible corporations draw on the collective impact of a variety of initiatives that address an array of trends and emerging issues.

What is their secret to making the greatest impact? They select the issues that can be met most directly by their unique resources. By addressing those issues that are most material to your company and industry, you can work with colleagues across your company to develop corporate citizenship programs through which value is shared by shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders—delivering both meaningful social value and a strong financial bottom line. As CSR professionals, we create, execute, and communicate initiatives that address many of the world’s most pressing challenges—issues that affect company operating contexts. The underlying goal of corporate citizenship remains clear: create a better world in which to do business and a better world in which to live.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is here to help. Here is a sample of what we offer our members.

Resources and Research on Corporate Citizenship

State of Corporate Citizenship


The State of Corporate Citizenship is a research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that examines how executives view corporate citizenship and their firms' performance in the environmental, social, and governance dimensions of business.

Profile of the Practice

Profile of the Practice - Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

The Profile of the Practice is a research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that explores how companies are executing corporate citizenship strategies, and how these practices have evolved to best address social and environmental issues while delivering business value.

Understanding your material issues is essential to corporate citizenship success

Understanding your material issues is essential to corporate citizenship success

Our work context is incredibly complex. The arenas routinely touched by corporate citizenship programs include the natural environment, financial markets, investors, communities, employees. How do we balance those priorities?

Corporate Citizenship Strategy


Strategic planning is one of the most difficult but critical activities a citizenship professional can do to understand potential value and the steps he/she must take to reach it.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals


Two leading companies share how they are deploying their core competencies to address some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Investing Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow


How two companies are tackling social and environmental issues by making large strategic investments in their processes and people.

Improved corporate citizenship performance bolsters corporate reputation over time


Firms can achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage by improving corporate citizenship performance—which leads over time to improved corporate reputation.

Stakeholder Engagement: Prioritize and Engage Key Internal and External Stakeholders


In this webinar, you’ll hear from companies who are effectively managing and making improvements based on unique information provided by their stakeholders.

Interested in More Resources?

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Upcoming Courses in Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship 101: Environmental, Social, and Governance Fundamentals | ONLINE

OCT 2-NOV 22, 2017 - Are you new to the field of corporate citizenship or work with CSR and sustainability colleagues and are seeking a better understanding of the industry? This introductory course to the field of corporate citizenship will translate the complex concepts, ideas, and language of corporate citizenship into practical and useful models and tools.

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Corporate Citizenship Strategy | ONLINE

OCT 2-NOV 22, 2017 - Learn how to identify opportunities to align corporate citizenship strategy with corporate strategic goals.

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Materiality: Determining Priorities for Corporate Citizenship Strategy and Reporting | ONLINE

OCT 2-NOV 22, 2017 - Enroll by AUG 18 and SAVE $100 - Whether reporting on your company’s impacts, creating a corporate citizenship strategy, or evaluating a current program, a materiality assessment will help by conveying the areas of greatest significance to your company and society.

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