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Delivered twice monthly via email, Research Briefs is a digital summary of recent or seminal research from corporate practice and academic study, offering knowledge and tools you can apply directly to your work. Executives love stories and they need facts. These studies can help you create the best business case for your programs.

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LGBT-supportive corporate policies enhance firm performance

RESEARCH BRIEF - Overall, human resource policies that support LGBT employees result in higher firm value, productivity, and profitability. Such diversity & inclusion policies can especially increase firm value and profitability in companies that require highly skilled R&D employees, as well as increase productivity in companies operating within states that lack antidiscrimination laws.


Gender diverse leadership and CSR performance

RESEARCH BRIEF - Gender diversity on a company’s leadership team is associated with a range of positive firm outcomes, including enhanced diversity, corporate governance, product development, and community performance.


Citizenship activity and meeting performance objectives

RESEARCH BRIEF - Evidence in this research points out the critical role corporate citizenship activity plays in financial performance when cash is tight, and that good governance results in higher firm corporate citizenship ratings.


Ambitious, long-term targets shown to improve company environmental performance

RESEARCH BRIEF - When tracking environmental sustainability indicators reported to CDP, this research determines that companies should set ambitious, absolute targets and use long-term timelines in order to achieve lower GHG emissions.


Personalize requests for charitable donations to maximize participation and donation amounts

RESEARCH BRIEF - Following natural disasters, people are most likely to respond to solicitations for charitable donations when the communication acknowledges their donation history and/or is issued by a local organization (or local chapter of a national organization).


Stakeholder pressure results in environmental improvements

RESEARCH BRIEF - Both internal and external stakeholder pressure prompts company leadership to make changes to environmentally sustainable practices. Internal stakeholders—such as employees—tend to expect their companies to integrate environmental practices into internal decision-making, while external stakeholders—such as communities and unions—look for transparent communication about environmental efforts.


Getting women on boards: The role of country-level factors

RESEARCH BRIEF - While women are underrepresented on corporate boards across the world, there are certain factors that increase gender board diversity. Factors such as civic entitlements, societal equity, and access to education and health care all increase board gender diversity.


Emotional messaging may lead to greater environmental action

RESEARCH BRIEF - Immediately after viewing emotionally affecting communications, individuals are more likely to engage in pro-environmental behaviors and donate to sustainability causes.


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