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Corporate Citizenship Member Community

Serving more than 470 corporate members from around the globe each year, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is one of the largest corporate membership organizations in the United States. Membership offers opportunities to expand your network, share information with likeminded business professionals, and offer support via digital and in-person networking channels. Inquire about membership today.

Member Community - Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Online Corporate Citizenship Member Community

The online community is a place where you can learn, collaborate, and support one another; mentor or be mentored; and try out new ideas in a secure, supportive environment.


The International Corporate Citizenship Conference

SAVE THE DATE: April 28-30 | Dallas, TX - Every year, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship connects leading CSR experts from around the world for three days of insights, information, and sharing.

Executive Education - Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Executive Education in Corporate Citizenship

Online and in-person courses in corporate social responsibility strategy, sustainability reporting, supply chain, communications, community involvement, and other topics for business professionals provide you with actionable skills and solutions for the challenges you and your organization face today—and tomorrow.


Corporate Citizenship Job Listings

Search jobs in corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility.


Affinity Groups provide ongoing networking forums to understand critical social issues, review changing public policy, share best practices, and develop deeper peer networks.

Corporate Citizenship Affinity Groups


Corporate Citizenship Affinity Group: Community Involvement Roundtable

Comprised of experienced, forward looking professionals, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship's Community Involvement Roundtable serves as a unique and powerful forum to advance the vital work companies undertake for the benefit of the communities they serve.


Corporate Citizenship Affinity Group: Executive Forum

The Executive Forum of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is a community of executives engaged in leading the corporate citizenship of their firms. Forum members are a source of inspiration, knowledge, and expertise for the broader network of Center members.


Corporate Citizenship Affinity Group: Leadership Academy for Corporate Citizenship Professionals

The Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy is an intensive five-month certificate program for developing leaders with strategic responsibilities within the corporate citizenship spectrum—from community involvement to diversity/inclusion to supply chain to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).


Corporate Citizenship Affinity Group: Professional Services Sustainability Roundtable

Founded in 2014, the Professional Services Sustainability Roundtable (PSSR) provides Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship members from the professional services industry with a collective voice about their unique role and position related to corporate citizenship.

If you are interested in attending or hosting an event, contact us by emailing