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Breakout Sessions | Corporate Citizenship Conference

Breakout sessions will be organized into tracks to help you choose the ones most relevant to your work.

All of the breakouts are outstanding opportunities for learning. No need to stick to just one track, we encourage you to mix and match to maximize your experience.

Join us in Los Angeles, CA on April 8-10, 2018.

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Community Investment and Social Impact

Corporations are being asked to be partners in solving social challenges. What impact is your company having on the communities in which you operate? How do you affect the customers you serve or the employees you hire? Learn how leading companies are working to maximize social impact across their communities.


Corporate Citizenship Management

To create a truly integrated corporate citizenship ecosystem, leaders must think and act strategically. Who are your partners? How do you integrate internally or use resources efficiently? Learn how to align corporate citizenship with your business ecosystem.


Sustainable Business and Reporting

From the Sustainable Development Goals to GRI standards, companies are being asked to think about and report on their environmental ecosystem. Learn how to engage employees in social and environmental impact and communicate progress on goals.


Business Results and ROI

Research and time have shown corporate citizenship done well can offer business advantages. Learn where companies are making the most strategic investments to benefit society and the business.



Engage in a highly interactive, facilitated learning experience to improve your corporate citizenship ecosystem.


Case Studies

Get an inside look at innovative corporate citizenship programs from your peers. These in-depth case studies will highlight the lessons learned as well as program successes.


Speakers to be announced

How can I put the E in ESG?

Businesses can drive positive social and environmental progress while creating financial value. In this session, speakers will connect the dots between corporate citizenship, and a variety of environmental investments to help you understand how your company can further align enterprise-wide efforts.


  • Sustainable Business & Reporting
  • Business Results & ROI

Pro bono and skills-based programs: Unleash your employee passions and expertise to create business and social value

Research shows companies can increase employee retention rates by offering skills-based volunteer opportunities. From month-long sabbatical programs to nonprofit board service, employees can add value to communities and organizations while developing as leaders and refining their skill sets. In this session, learn how your company can facilitate effective pro bono and skills-based service programs to benefit your business and community.


  • Community Investment & Social Impact
  • Business Results & ROI

Internal collaboration is key to corporate citizenship & business success

Successful corporate citizenship involves collaboration across various functions/lines of business within companies. Learn from corporate citizenship professionals about how they work with other functions and lines of business to move corporate citizenship initiatives forward in their companies. Hear first-hand what worked for them, what didn't, and come away with practical how-tos about how you can collaborate more effectively with your internal business partners.


  • Corporate Citizenship Management
  • Business results & ROI

Small corporate citizenship staff and budget? You're not alone. Use your network to help overcome limited resources

Findings from the Center's latest Profile of the Professionals study include that employee engagement is one of the top five challenges for corporate citizenship professionals, and employee involvement is a top factor driving success in their work. Learn from professionals in the field on how they engage employees, including those who are hard-to-reach, in various ways on corporate citizenship initiatives. This session will include strategies for recruiting and managing employees for grassroots efforts and to serve as champions.


  • Corporate Citizenship Management
  • Community Investment & Social Impact

Data Philanthropy: Make an impact in the community and beyond with the information you already have

Data philanthropy provides an opportunity for your company to not only give back to your community, but also on a national/global scale by utilizing data to address social issues. Data sharing does raise issues including privacy, among other concerns. Hear from professionals whose companies have already leveraged their data, including tips on getting buy-in from top management, how they address privacy, and working with nonprofits on sharing their data.


  • Community Investment & Social Impact
  • Corporate Citizenship Management

The Circular Economy: what is it and how could you apply the concepts?

The circular economy promotes resource management, eliminating waste, and reducing inefficiencies, which benefits not only business and the financial bottom line, but also the greater good. In this session, you will learn about the innovative ways companies have optimized their resource use, and minimized their risks in the process. Speakers will discuss systems design principles, innovation in the supply chain, and partnerships.


  • Sustainable Business & Reporting
  • Community Investment & Social Impact

Disaster preparedness and relief: effective strategies

Recently, natural disasters and humanitarian crises have devastated communities around the world. When these disasters strike, businesses have emerged as leaders in relief and recovery efforts. In this session, learn how your peers have developed short and long-term strategies that prepare them to help communities in need.


  • Community Investment & Social Impact

Aiming for impact: Aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With 17 goals and 169 targets, determining which SDGs to align your business with can feel like an impossible task. Though daunting, companies have determined ways to align and develop their corporate citizenship and business objectives to the SDGs. Join us to hear from corporate citizenship professionals who have aligned existing programs and created new programs to meet these goals.


  • Sustainable Business & Reporting
  • Business Results & ROI

Please check back often as we update the 2018 agenda with new speakers, breakout sessions, and networking events.


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