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Executive Education Training for Companies

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship offers intensive, onsite workshops designed to help you build awareness, deepen corporate citizenship knowledge, and enhance business skills in strategy, measurement, and communications. Whether you are seeking a 5-day certification, a topic-specific class, or program design support, our workshops lay the groundwork for your department and your team across the business to work more strategically and effectively towards your company’s corporate citizenship and business goals.

Advantages of onsite education training

Unique Customization Courses can be customized to focus on your particular challenges in corporate citizenship.

Team-Building The collaborative workshop style builds teamwork among participants and promotes better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of implementing a strong corporate citizenship program.

Real-Time Assessment Time together presents an opportunity to assess current opportunities and risks and, allowing you to better understand where your programs are and what it will take to move them forward.

Personalized Learning Because onsite programs will be delivered to your employees only, we can customize any combination of our existing programs for your needs at your location.

On Your Schedule Flexible delivery schedule. You can do in-person for a day or a week—or a combination of in-person and online.

Corporate Citizenship Certification Participants attending a five-day program are awarded a Certificate of Practice.



"It’s pretty fantastic given the time constraints.  Excellent value... I had a great time, the course was very valuable and the networking was phenomenal.”

“The team enjoyed the workshop content and I think it set us up well for some of the work we’re doing on our grant criteria strategy and grant making process.”

“Keep up the good work. I felt engaged and interested during the whole workshop.”

“The group discussion with colleagues and expertise of the Boston College faculty were great.”

Want to learn more?

For more information about our onsite executive education training and advisory services, contact us. Contact Us