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FAQs: Center for Corporate Citizenship Membership

If You are Thinking of Becoming a Member:

Who can become a member?
The Center’s membership is open to all for-profit corporations who have a dedicated corporate citizenship or sustainability department/individual. The Center was established with a clear and simple goal: to serve corporate citizenship professionals seeking information and insights that will help their companies achieve maximum business and social value from environmental, social, and governance investments.

In some cases, The Center extends membership to quasi-public entities or government agencies, non-profit healthcare organizations and consulting firms if they have a dedicated corporate citizenship/sustainability department.

What is the value of being a member?
Based in the Carroll School of Management, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship combines the most valuable aspects of a professional community and the resources of a leading academic institution for our members. We integrate the perspectives and experience of some of the leading corporate citizenship professionals in the field today with management best practices, helping you align your corporate citizenship objectives and business goals. Center resources support positive outcomes for your functional area, your organization as a whole, and for you as a leader. Visit our benefits of membership page to learn more.

How is the annual membership fee determined?
The annual membership fee is based on your company’s annual revenue.

Annual Revenue Annual Dues
less than $1 billion $2,000
$1 billion - less than $5 billion $5,000
$5 billion and over $10,000

If your corporate revenues increase or decrease during the year, you are responsible for notifying the Center so that appropriate dues are billed at renewal time.

What forms of payment do you accept for membership?
Payments may be made by check, wire transfer, or credit card. Payment is accepted in U.S. dollars only.

Who is covered under a company’s membership?
Your Center membership is a corporate membership, which means that every employee of the company is eligible to receive our member services, no matter what department or function. However, participants must respect the Center’s non-solicitation policy.

Are international operations covered under a corporate membership?
Yes, membership benefits are available to all international employees of corporate members.

Are employees of subsidiaries eligible for services under their parent company’s membership?

Yes, when a parent company joins all of its subsidiaries will also be considered part of the membership. Membership dues will be based on the revenues of the parent company and subsidiaries. Subsidiaries may join on their own. In that case, dues will be based on the revenue of the subsidiary and the parent company will not receive benefits of the membership.

How do I initiate a membership?
If you believe your company is eligible to become a member and you are ready to join, please complete our short online membership application. We will respond to your applications within 2 business days.

May I purchase an individual or student membership?
We do not offer individual or student memberships.

When does my membership begin?
Once we receive your application and confirm eligibility, we will send you an invoice for immediate payment. Your annual membership period is rolling based on the month you apply. (For example, companies that apply in March will have a membership period from March through February.) You may apply for membership in any month of the year.

If you are already a member:

How do I get access to member-only resources on the web site?
To view member-only resources, you need a member login. Any person in a member company is eligible to receive their own member login. If you are part of a member company and have forgotten or need a user name and password, sign up here.

Do I use the same member login for the online member community?
No, you will need to create a different login for the Member Community than the login provided for the main website. You can join the member community here.

How can I add or modify the names of employees that can be included in our membership?

Send an email to and we will work with you on updating your participant list.

We have an innovative program and/or best practice that we would like to share with the Center. How do we do that?
The Center offers opportunities for members to be featured at our conference, regional events, on webinars and in blogs. Send us an email at highlighting your program and how to get in touch with you.

I’m ready to renew my membership but our renewal month is still several months away. Can I still renew ahead of time?

Yes, contact us at for renewal information.

We would like to be considered as a sponsor for your conference or your research. How do we do that?
Contact us at and we will be glad to discuss these opportunities with you.

Are there any affinity or industry groups that we can be a part of?
Yes, the Center has several affinity groups for members. Visit the affinity group page for more information.

Where can I find information regarding all the resources, knowledge products and services that come with membership?
Visit our member resource page or give us a call to set up a member orientation at 617-552-4545.

What certificate programs does the Center offer that will further my leadership development objectives?
The Center offers a range of executive education programs, taught by top faculty from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, as well as by business leaders and corporate citizenship peers. Members receive 20% average savings on executive education classes and programs, and can bring programs on-site for considerable cost and time savings.


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