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Breakout Sessions | Corporate Citizenship Conference


NEW for the 2017 International Corporate Citizenship Conference: Breakout Session Tracks

We are organizing our breakout sessions into tracks to help you choose the ones most relevant to your work. All of the breakouts are outstanding opportunities for learning. No need to stick to just one track, we encourage you to mix and match to maximize your experience. Check out the list of tracks and breakout session descriptions below. REGISTER today to lock in the best rate.


Breakout Session Tracks:


Corporate Citizenship Management

To create a truly integrated corporate citizenship ecosystem, leaders must think and act strategically. Who are your partners? How do you integrate internally, or use resources efficiently? Learn how to align corporate citizenship with your business ecosystem.

Community Involvement and Social Impact

Corporations are being asked to be partners in solving social challenges. What impact is your company having on the communities in which you operate? How do you affect the customers you serve or the employees you hire? Learn how leading companies are working to maximize social impact across their communities.

Measurement and ROI

Research and time have shown corporate citizenship done well can offer business advantages. Learn where companies are making the most strategic investments to benefit society and the business.

Sustainable Business and Reporting

From COP21 to the Sustainable Development Goals to GRI standards, companies are being asked to think about and report on their environmental ecosystem. Learn how to engage employees in social and environmental impact and think about how you communicate progress on goals.

Learning Lab Workshops

Engage in a highly interactive, facilitated learning experience to improve your corporate citizenship ecosystem.


Case Studies

Get an inside look at innovative corporate citizenship programs from your peers. These in-depth case studies will highlight the lessons learned as well as program successes.



Breakout Session Listing:

Corporate citizenship to help achieve diversity and inclusion goals
When integrated with overall business strategy—corporate citizenship helps companies successfully achieve business goals. In this session, hear from companies that are effectively aligning diversity and inclusion and business goals and creating value for business and society.

Applicable Tracks:


Corporate citizenship programs through a B2B lens

Corporate citizenship adds value differently in B2B companies than it does in B2C. Hear from corporate citizenship practitioners about how to champion corporate citizenship in the B2B space by fostering trust, transparency, and strong relationships with customers and suppliers. Research show that the value corporate citizenship offers to B2B companies is substantial. From the reputational and financial benefits reached through stakeholder engagement, to the efficiency, human rights, and sustainability opportunities found in value chain management, to the retention and engagement possibilities of employee efforts.

Applicable Tracks:

Corporate citizenship ecosystems

In the last three decades, the role of a corporate citizenship professional has evolved. While many still operate in small teams, citizenship professionals have become experts at drawing on the ideas, expertise, effort, and financial support of internal and external partners to advance businesses, communities, and world. In this session, hear from your peers about how they navigate their corporate citizenship ecosystems to make the best possible use of the constraints and opportunities they offer.

Applicable Tracks:

Intersection of business and social movements

For years, U.S. businesses have been reticent to show support for social justice issues both in the US and abroad, but in the recent past we have seen many major corporations and CEOs stepping forward. Why now? And which issues have bubbled to the top? Several at the top of the public discourse have been: the legalizing of gay marriage, fighting the “bathroom bills” attempted to be enacted by various state governments, the Refugee crisis and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Will we see more of these in the future? What are the benefits? What are the costs at stake?

Applicable Tracks:


Going global? Adapt your corporate citizenship programs for global markets

The global economy requires us to think about multiple societal expectations, cultural references, and business practices. In this session, hear from peers who manage the unique challenges of global programs, including working with local NGOs, navigating laws and regulations, and engaging with employees on the ground.

Applicable Tracks:


How to develop and execute a sustainable corporate citizenship strategy across business units
Have you inherited a program that evolved over time? Is your company new to planning a company-wide corporate citizenship program? Come to this session to learn how to develop and direct your company's varied collection of corporate citizenship activities into a comprehensive strategic program and hear from peers who have gone through the process of developing comprehensive corporate citizenship strategies and programs.

Applicable Tracks:

From passion to performance: the power of employee-led sustainability efforts
From conservation efforts to operational improvements, employees have a major part to play in companies’ environmental sustainability efforts. In this session, leading corporate citizenship practitioners will share how they gained buy-in and incorporated their employees' grass-roots sustainability efforts—and elevated their programs to the next level.

Applicable Tracks:


Manage corporate citizenship programs through organizational change
Learn how to manage corporate citizenship programs through organizational change—such as a strategy overhaul, leadership changes, merger, or acquisition—from practitioners who've been through significant organization change and came out stronger.

Applicable Tracks:


The evolving reporting landscape: Using the data you disclose
The number of companies engaging in sustainability reporting is at an all-time high—and growing. Now, the conversation no longer centers on whether companies should report but rather how. In this session, learn more about the trends and topics that are shaping the future of reporting, and what you can do now to make sure that you are leveraging the process in such a way that creates a better business—and a better world.

Applicable Tracks:

Harness the power of collective impact
Collective impact partnerships gather the complementary skills and inputs of the public sector, the private sector, and civil society in order to tackle complex social and environmental problems. In this session, hear how your peers draw diverse resources together and, therefore, are a means to get things done that individual organizations cannot achieve alone.

Applicable Tracks:


Create value with a strong brand and reputation

Positive brands and reputations have the ability to increase firm market value, attract and retain new employees, increase consumer loyalty, and mitigate risk. While each department has a part to play in building a positive brand and reputation, the contributions of thoughtful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments cannot be overstated. When connected to your brand and reputation strategy, corporate citizenship can increase goodwill, and protect your company’s reputation. Join us to learn how your corporate citizenship program can increase the positive perceptions of your company and maximize value for your company and your cause partners.

Applicable Tracks:


Disaster relief: supporting community preparedness and response

According to the United Nations, there were more than 400 natural disasters in 2014, which led to the loss of more than 17,000 lives and which cost more than $82 billion in damages. In 2015, the number of people displaced by conflict exceeded 51 million—the highest number since World War II. In this session, learn how your peers leverage their expertise and resources to invest in preparedness efforts and disaster relief that supports their employees and broader communities.

Applicable Tracks:

Make an impact with a small program or team
Corporate citizenship professionals are often part of very small teams—or in many cases—are teams of one. By making use of networks, focusing, and taking advantage of their businesses’ core competencies, small teams can accomplish a great deal. In this session, you’ll hear from experts who have led small teams to deliver business and social value far in excess of the resources devoted to them.

Applicable Tracks:


Workforce development programs—supporting the community and your talent pipeline

Successful workforce development programs are more than work-readiness training efforts, they are an investment in a more engaged and productive workforce and—ultimately—more sustainable and prosperous communities. In this session, learn how your peers create social and business value by developing a robust talent pipeline though increased opportunity for current and prospective employees.

Applicable Tracks:


Check back often as we will be adding more sessions! Ready to REGISTER?

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