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Breakout Sessions

All sessions will be held at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel

Monday, April 11
Breakout Sessions I (choose one)  

Make the Connection: Play the Role of Corporate Citizenship Change Agent
Citizenship is a lens through which companies view a fundamental shift in the practice of “business management.” From the way products and services are designed and taken to market, to how companies engage a changing workforce, corporate citizenship provides a new perspective. Along with this comes an expanding role for citizenship practitioners to manage and facilitate change. In this session you’ll hear how others are adding the Change Agent role to a growing resume that already includes Strategic Architect, Community Organizer, Coalition Builder and Chief Storyteller. Find out how the right combination of cause, concern and demand can be used to bring about change and transformation.

  • Facilitator: Rick Martella, vice president, Corporate Affairs, ARAMARK
  • John Himle, CEO, Himle Horner Inc.
  • Diane Lilly, executive vice president, Wells Fargo
  • Liz Maw, executive director, Net Impact
St. Croix I, 6th floor

Get the Message to the Messengers
If you are trying to spread the word in the community about your company’s corporate citizenship efforts your most effective messengers are probably right under your nose – your employees. But if they don’t know the words how can they sing your song? This session will look at how you can communicate your company’s corporate citizenship to employees in a way they can share the story. Most people want to be proud of where they work and will tell you about it if given the opportunity. Learn how to help employees see your company is doing great things that are worthy of crowing about. 

  • Facilitator: Beth Rosemond, assistant director, Corporate Responsibility, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Chuck Bennett, vice president, Earth & Community Care, Aveda Corporation
  • Lynnette McIntire, director, Corporate Reputation Management, UPS
Minnesota Room, 6th floor

Helping Employees Prepare Exit Strategies for Retirement
Helping prepare employees for a financially-secure retirement can be a powerful workforce development tool. Opening the dialogue is often difficult, but essential. Steven Sass will present Target Your Retirement, a web-based interactive education and planning tool produced by Financial Security Project (FSP) at Boston College. The presentation will highlight the design principles used to develop Target and the results of tests evaluating Target’s success in enhancing financial literacy and retirement planning. The presentation will also briefly introduce other FSP products, such as Curious Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Retirement, The Social Security Claiming Guide and Managing Your Money In Retirement – all of which are available free of charge at here along with other products to be developed later this year.

  • Facilitator: Celina Pagani-Tousignant, principal, Normisur International
  • Mark Finger, vice president, Human Relations, National Instruments
  • Steven Sass, program deirector, Financial Security Project, Center for Retirement Research, Carroll School of Management
St. Croix II, 6th floor
Surveying the Landscape on Measurement Tools
A plethora of impact measurement tools exist for use by the corporate citizenship practitioner. How do you differentiate between all of them? What types of frameworks are better for which types of corporate citizenship programs? Session speakers will discuss practical efforts to measure impact, as well as best practices and key learnings from their own experiences with measurement. Participants will leave this session with knowledge about how to navigate the terrain of measurement frameworks, how to determine which ones could work for their programs, and how to approach the process of measurement for themselves.
  • Facilitator: Bob Langert, vice president, CSR, McDonald’s Corporation
  • Veronica Cavallaro, director of research & measurement, Global Corporate Citizenship, The Boeing Company
  • Suzanne Fallender, director, CSR Strategy and Communications, Intel Corporation
  • Andrea Moffat, vice president, Corporate Program, CERES
Deer Lake/ Elk Lake, 4th floor
Lead & Learn - FedEx
Safe Kids: How to Birth, Nurture, and Grow a Global Signature CSR Program
From concept to global implementation, in this session FedEx will share insights and best practices on how to conceive, develop, market, grow and sustain a world-class signature CSR program. Through the Safe Kids Walk This Way program, FedEx harnesses the power of its global network to address one of the world’s most pressing public health issues. Topics include international expansion, team member and executive engagement, measurement, leveraging sports marketing properties, digital and social media, and special events. This session will provide new ideas that CSR managers can add to their citizenship toolboxes to build a blockbuster signature CSR program. Learn more.
  • Julia Chicoskie, program advisor, FedEx
  • Shane O’Connor, program advisor, FedEx
Cedar Lake/Birch Lake/Maple Lake, 4th floor
Breakout Sessions II (choose one)  
Make the Connection: Manage Risk to Drive Revenue via Corporate Citizenship
Risk and opportunity get the attention of investors like nothing else. They know risks exist in every business but seek opportunities where risks are managed effectively. That’s why more than ever investors today are attuned to the management of social and environmental issues through corporate citizenship practice. This session will explore what these investors see: Good corporate citizenship management delivers business value. More than cutting risk by minimizing harm from a company’s operations, corporate citizenship can create assets on the balance sheet where there once were liabilities. Learn how to identify where corporate citizenship creates business value for your company that shows up on the bottom line.
  • Facilitator: Chris Lloyd, executive director, Public Policy & Strategic Alliances, Verizon Communications Inc. 
  • Michelle Greene, vice president and head of CSR, NYSE Euronext
  • Suzanne McCarty, senior director of community involvement, Cargill 
Minnesota Room, 6th floor
Fine-tuned Tension: Balancing Brand and Corporate Citizenship
Citizenship professionals are facing increased pressures to link citizenship activities with their company’s communications and branding strategies. At the same time, making an authentic connection to brand promise often requires walking a tightrope. This session will provide examples, strategies, and tips for successfully integrating citizenship into the corporate master brand and for branding specific citizenship activities. Learn how integration with branding creates a common language to communicate the relevance and value of corporate citizenship inside the company. Hear practitioners discuss the challenges and rewards of positioning citizenship activities with the brand in mind.
  • Facilitator: Mark Feldman, principal and managing director, Cause Consulting 
  • Pat Pineda, group vice president, National Philanthropy and the Toyota USA Foundation, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
  • Jennifer Reynolds, senior manager, Adobe Systems Inc.
  • Helen Seibel, manager, Corporate Responsibility, AstraZeneca Canada
St. Croix II, 6th floor

From Volunteering to Involve-a-teering
There is little doubt that employees can help transform corporate citizenship into a powerful force for business and community impact. Maximizing the power of employees in your community involvement requires innovative ways to work with internal stakeholders, partner with community organizations, measure and analyze impact, message and otherwise manage your program. This session will examine innovative approaches to community involvement that change more than your programs. It is about creating new attitudes in your company and in your employees about what they can do in the community and why.

  • Facilitator: Richard Pringle, educator, Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Joan Steinberg, managing director, Community Affairs, Morgan Stanley 
  • Donna Svenden, associate director of community action, General Mills 
  • James Temple, director, Corporate Responsibility & PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation, PwC
Deer Lake/Elk Lake, 4th floor
Sort Through the Sea of CSR Rankings
Corporate citizenship is awash in what seems a growing industry of standards, rankings and ratings from the media, nonprofits and other organizations. While each ranking has its own history and rationale, as a group, why do these rankings exist? In this session we’ll examine what purpose these comparisons serve and identify the good and bad aspects of rankings. Expert panelists who know these rankings inside out will also discuss whether companies should care about these rankings, weigh their accuracy and credibility, and identify how you can put these rankings to work for your company. Why are there such discrepancies among rankings? Are these measures of business behavior accountable to any standards? In this session hear answers to these and other questions and get insight on the future of rankings.
  • Facilitator: Dave Stangis, vice president of CSR and sustainability, Campbell Soup Co.
  • Mark Bateman, director of research, IWFinancial 
  • Michael Sadowski, director, SustainAbility
St. Croix I, 6th floor
Lead & Learn - Northern Trust
Strategy, Structure, and Social Innovation: Lessons Learned from Northern Trust's CSR Journey
Hear how Northern Trust began its CSR journey leading to a comprehensive global strategy. In this session Northern Trust’s CSR team will tell the story of how they created, implemented and communicated their CSR strategy – and the lessons learned along the way. You will learn how the team worked within the company to integrate a “Culture of Caring” into a comprehensive vision of CSR. Corporate citizenship measurement expert Jason Saul will also share how he worked with Northern Trust to more clearly define impact and performance in moving beyond compliance to shared value. Learn more.
  • Facilitator: Connie Lindsey, executive vice president, CSR head, Northern Trust 
  • Shaelyn Otikor, vice president, senior CSR project manager, Northern Trust 
  • Deborah Liverett, senior vice president, director of community affairs, Northern Trust 
  • Jason Saul, CEO and founder, Mission Measurement LLC
Cedar Lake/Birch Lake/Maple Lake, 4th floor
Tuesday, April 12
Breakout Sessions III (choose one)  
Make the Connection: How Corporate Citizenship Fuels Business Innovation
Finding ways to improve products and services is ultimately at the heart of business success and is the responsibility of all parts of the company. But innovation is more than products and services – it’s ultimately about the entire brand experience as an employee and customer. Learn from three distinctly unique retailers about how they inspire and bring innovative ideas into their business models. Hear about how they are translating employee passion for sustainability and marketplace demands into new business opportunities. Bring your “pain points” and questions to learn how you can play a role in inspiring innovation within your company.
  • Facilitator: Nikki Korn, principal, Cause Consulting
  • Kris Bowring, senior director, platform lead, Home and Energy Management, New Business CSG, Best Buy
  • Eve Callahan, senior vice president, Corporate Communications, Umpqua Bank
  • Amy Skoczlas-Cole, Head of Environment and Director, Green Team, eBay Inc.
Minnesota Room, 6th floor
Find the Value in Non-Financial Reporting for Your Company
The question is no longer whether to issue non-financial reports but how. You want to demonstrate transparency and tell your company’s story but where do you start and how much do you say. In this session, we’ll examine the latest trends and best practices in non-financial reporting to find the best fit for your company. From the recent release of ISO 2600 to the evolution of the Global Reporting Initiative and the International Integrated Reporting Committee, we’ll size up the variety of approaches you can take and identify the value they can deliver. Practitioners will share their experiences and reporting experts will offer guidance.
  • Facilitator: Shannon Schuyler, corporate responsibility leader, PwC 
  • Adam B. Greene, vice president, Labor Affairs & Corporate Responsibility, United States Council for International Business
  • Sandy Nessing, managing director, Sustainability, American Electric Power Inc.
  • Mike Wallace, director, Sustainability Reporting Framework, Global Reporting Initiative
St. Croix I, 6th floor
How in the World do you Handle Global Corporate Citizenship?
As corporations expand their corporate citizenship globally, what sorts of challenges are they facing and how do they address those challenges? How is implementing corporate citizenship domestically different than implementing it in other countries? How should global corporate citizenship be structured? Should its strategy be centralized? This session will discuss the answers to those questions, and provide some examples of how corporations have handled the challenges of going global.
  • Facilitator: Ron Brown, educator, Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Dan Bross, senior director, Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft Corporation
  • Anne Roosevelt, vice president, Global Corporate Citizenship, The Boeing Company
  • Katherine Woerner, manager, Global Citizenship & Policy, Abbott Laboratories
Deer Lake/Elk Lake, 4th floor
No Longer Rivals: Blending Social and Environmental Initiatives
Why should a company have to choose between people or planet? Environmental concerns are at the forefront of any effort to be a responsible business but at times it seems the inhabitants of the planet are pushed aside in the rush to save the world where they live. In this session we look at how companies can blend community involvement with environmental initiatives. Learn how you can plug the passion to go green into effectively addressing social needs in your back yard and around the globe. Enlist your community involvement champions in spreading the green gospel.
  • Facilitator: Colleen Olphert, director of membership and member services, Center for Corporate Citizenship 
  • Carole Casto, director, Global Community Development, Cummins Inc. 
  • Susan Arnot Heaney, director, Corporate Responsibility, Avon Products Inc.
St. Croix II, 6th floor

Lead & Learn - Travelers:
Giving Strategic Partnerships in Education an EDGE

How can your company leverage partnerships for maximum impact on education? In this session, find out how Travelers’ signature program, Travelers EDGE: Empowering Dreams for Graduation & Employment, leverages strategic partnerships – both internal and external – to foster college success and career readiness for underrepresented students. Learn how partnerships – formed between internal human resources and community relations departments as well as local colleges/universities and community-based programs – work together to uncover challenges and find creative solutions. Learn more.

  • Facilitator: Marlene Ibsen, vice president, Community
    Relations, Travelers
  • Joelle Murchison Hayes, vice president, Enterprise
    Diversity & Inclusion, Travelers
  • Brooke Hanson, college program manager, Admission
  • Mary Maus Kosir, assistant dean, Carlson School of
    Management Undergraduate Program, University of
    Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Vincent Phan, Travelers EDGE consulting intern

Cedar Lake/Birch Lake/Maple Lake, 4th floor
Breakout Sessions IV (choose one)  
Make the Connection: Finding the Missing Strategic Link
Too often corporate citizenship is managed as a set of programs with loose ties to business strategy. In this session we will explore how leading companies are discovering competitive advantage and new ways to maximize profit by factoring social and environmental concerns into strategic management decisions. Rather than being a weak link in the business operation, corporate citizenship can bind social, environmental and business interests to strengthen a company in the market.
  • Facilitator: Ken Freitas, educator, Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Rick Pearl, vice president, CR Officer, Corporate Citizenship, State Street
  • Aileen Zerrudo, director, Corporate Responsibility Communications, The Clorox Company
St. Croix II, 6th floor
Beyond the Storm: How the Economic Crisis has Changed Corporate Citizenship
Two years ago the Center’s State of Corporate Citizenship survey found that corporate citizenship was “Weathering the storm” of the global economic recession. Now as the dark clouds are dissipating, we ask what’s in the forecast for corporate citizenship and how the passing turbulence has changed it. A group of corporate citizenship leaders will lead participants in a discussion of their experiences and insights. The focus will be on how to face the new challenges and opportunities emerging from the new economic realities for business. This session will seek to uncover inspiring views for the future and stimulating new questions to ponder going forward.
  • Facilitator: Milano Harden, president and founder, The Genius Group Inc.
  • Mary Capozzi, senior director of corporate responsibility, Best Buy
  • Nicki Lyons, director, Strategic Communications, PepsiCo Inc.
  • Ralph Reid, vice president, CSR, Sprint Nextel
  • David Rodbourne, vice president, Center for Ethical Business Cultures
St. Croix I, 6th floor
Lessons in Community Involvement Leadership
In order for corporations to create business value from community investments, community involvement managers must provide the leadership to drive the change necessary to produce better and more innovative approaches. They must assume this leadership role from a position that is often poorly understood, under-valued, under-resourced and lacking in formal authority. In this session, graduates of the Center’s Community Involvement Leadership Academy will share their observations, experiences and successes as leaders. Over the past six months, 20 experienced community involvement managers have worked through the Academy with Center educators and Boston College faculty to develop, expand and apply leadership skills to specific change challenges within their organizations. Come and hear what they’ve learned and how they’ve tapped that knowledge to be more effective leaders in delivering value to their business and the community.
  • Facilitator: Billy Brittingham, director of executive education and professional development, Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Doretha Graham Easler, community relations manager, NV Energy
  • Kathleen Ryan Mufson, director, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Patty Nation, senior manager, Global Corporate and Community Engagement, Xilinx, Inc.
Minnesota Room, 6th floor
Social Media's Place in the Corporate Citizenship Toolbox
Social media has proven to be a powerful communication tool for organizations of every type. The question is: Where does it fit in the practice of corporate citizenship and in that role for your company? Learn how companies can successfully leverage social media to enhance the good work their companies are doing. Hear from companies who have engaged their employees as brand ambassadors, rallied consumers through cause marketing initiatives, and built an interactive and modern approach to communications.
  • Facilitator: Beth Holzman, CSR strategy & reporting manager, The Timberland Company, @CSR_Beth 
  • Christi Cruz, senior manager, Community Investment, TELUS, @TELUS
  • Kelly Groehler, senior manager, Public Relations, Best Buy, @KellyGroehler
  • Jeff Peterson, director, Innovation & Strategy, General Mills Foundation, @genmillsgives
Deer Lake/Elk Lake, 4th floor
Lead & Learn - Humana:
Building Healthy Bodies and Healthy Attitudes

A critical pillar of every CSR function is ensuring that a company’s employees are mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. Healthy people are more likely to be engaged, show up for work, and make the healthier types of lifestyle choices that help employers cut health care costs and reduce absenteeism. In this session we’ll examine how innovative health and wellness programs serve as a platform for both employee engagement and health and wellness. Hear case studies of successful initiatives and learn how impact is measured in a cross-section of industries. Learn more.
  • Facilitator: Paul Gerrard, director of corporate affairs, chairman of Corporate Social Responsibility Council, Humana, Inc. 
  • Elona DeGooyer, human resources consultant, Humana Inc.
  • Ken Glover, director, Health & Wellness and Ergonomics, CSX Transportation
  • LuAnn Heinen, vice president, National Business Group on Health, director, Institute on Innovation in Workplace Well-being, and director, Institute on Health, Productivity and Human Capital
Cedar Lake/Birch Lake/Maple Lake, 4th floor

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