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Courses for Corporate Citizenship

Whether you are looking to enhance your knowledge in a certain area or obtain a certificate the Center offers a range of executive education programs to match your needs. Click on the image below to view and download the 2016-2017 Catalog. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us so that we can help.


Classroom-Based Courses

One, two, and two-and-half-day courses can be taken individually or combined to earn a Certificate of Practice. In addition we offer one-week and longer intensive programs. Some courses are also approved to award professional credits. View our course & events calendar for dates and locations. 

Course Name Description
Brand and Reputation: Build Trust with Consumers and Stakeholders During this one-day course we will examine the strategies and tactics to build brand and reputation over time and better connect corporate citizenship investments to a company’s brand and reputation. (Certificate Units: 2)
CDP Reporting: Measure and Manage Environmental Impact This one-day workshop will provide an introduction to how companies are using the global CDP questionnaire to determine strategy take action, and disclose risks. (Certificate Units: 2)
Corporate Citizenship 101: The Fundamentals This introductory program to the field of Corporate Citizenship will translate the complex concepts, ideas, and language of Corporate Citizenship into practical and useful models and tools. (Certificate Units: 5)
Corporate Citizenship Communications This course is designed to introduce or refresh your knowledge of communication, including audience identification, channel selection, and message development. (Certificate Units: 5)
Corporate Citizenship Frameworks: Reporting and Indices This program will provide managers with the tools, frameworks and skills to tackle those issues as they advance good corporate citizenship performance throughout your company. (Certificate Units: 4)
Corporate Citizenship Management Intensive This 5-day certificate program provides a management foundation in corporate citizenship for professionals who are substantially contributing to the development and advancement of CSR and sustainability programs. (Certificate Units: 25)
Corporate Citizenship Strategy: Connect to Your Business and Community This course will provide you with the knowledge to develop a Corporate Citizenship program aligned with corporate strategy. (Certificate Units: 5)
Corporate Giving: Maximizing Effectiveness This three-day workshop will provide an introduction to help you evaluate the current state of your company’s giving portfolio and learn how to leverage philanthropic activity to provide maximum business and social benefit. (Certificate Units: 5)
Digital Media:  Communications for Today's Corporate Citizenship This course will help you assess the tools, tactics, and messages best suited for your digital media portfolio. (Certificate Units: 2)
Effective Corporate Citizenship Partnership Management This two-day course will provide you with the fundamental tools to building partnerships. (Certificate Units: 4)
Employee Engagement with Corporate Citizenship Purpose This two-day interactive course will examine how Corporate Citizenship impacts employee engagement, a key indicator of business success, and will detail tactics and tools to better connect your Sustainability and CSR programs to colleagues throughout your company. (Certificate Units: 4)
Employee Volunteer Programs with Purpose This two-day interactive workshop will help you design a new employee volunteer program (EVP) or refocus a current program to provide value to your business, employees, and community. (Certificate Units: 4)
GRI/G4 Reporting: Certified Sustainability Reporting Training This two-day program will provide you with a comprehensive foundation in the GRI G4 reporting framework and reporting process. (Certificate Units: 4)
Integrating Corporate Citizenship Through Your Supply Chain This one-day course examines the environmental, social, and economic risks and opportunities present throughout a company’s supply chain. We will explore how to create and evaluate corporate citizenship programs designed for your vendors, suppliers, and 3rd-party providers. (Certificate Units: 2)
Leadership Academy for Corporate Citizenship Professionals This program will help you understand and strengthen your ability as a leader so that you can engage and influence others to achieve improved organizational alignment, broader buy-in across the organization and, ultimately, increase long-term business and social value. (Certificate Units: 25)
Logic Model & ROI: Advanced Corporate Citizenship Measurement This two-day, hands-on workshop will enable you to apply ROI & logic models to your corporate citizenship programs. (Certificate Units: 4)
Materiality: What Matters for Companies and Stakeholders This workshop will give you an opportunity to explore the concept of material issues and the development of a materiality matrix for your industry sector and your company in a practical way. (Certificate Units: 2)
Measurement and Evaluation: Determine Metrics and Impact This hands-on workshop will provide you with knowledge and tools to build an effective measurement process into your Corporate Citizenship program management. (Certificate Units: 5)
Nonprofit Board Service: Getting Your Team Ready to Serve This course will help answer any questions you and your colleagues may have about nonprofit board service, provide the strategic and evaluation tools to assess the leadership experience, and discuss the talent, reputation, and community benefits of a board service program. (Certificate Units: 4)
ONLINE - Corporate Citizenship 101: The Fundamentals This online course is an introductory program to the field of Corporate Citizenship and will translate the complex concepts, ideas, and language of Corporate Citizenship into practical and useful models and tools. (Certificate Units: 5)
Stakeholder Engagement: Identify, Prioritize, and Act This two-day interactive course will lead you through the steps to developing a stakeholder engagement process, help your company understand its social and environmental impact, and identify the issues important to your stakeholders. (Certificate Units: 4)

Onsite Education Programs

We can bring any combination of the one-, two-, and two-and-half-day courses to your site, including a five-day offering for which attendees earn a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice. These on-site offerings can focus on your particular challenges in community involvement or corporate citizenship. Learn more about on-site programs

Upcoming Events


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