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Tools & Frameworks

From our position at the forefront of examining the role of business in society, we develop frameworks and findings that help companies align business strategies with core business values and the broader expectations of society. Combining the power of applied research and thought leadership with the real-world experience of corporate members, we have developed the following signature research and tools:

  • Corporate Citizenship Acronym Glossary: The Center for Corporate Citizenship created the following acronym glossary to serve as a quick reference guide to some of the more important acronyms in the corporate sustainability field.
  • Corporate Citizenship Management Framework (CCMF): The CCMF helps define the scope and interrelations involved in creating a state-of-the-art corporate program.  Use it to help educate yourself and others at your company on what corporate citizenship means and its impact on the entire organization.
  • CCMF Online Assessment Tool: The CCMF Assessment Tool is an online survey that helps you and/or your team self-assess the comprehensiveness of your corporate citizenship initiatives. Use the tool anytime and update it as often as you like. It is very easy to use and typical users require 20 minutes to an hour to complete the questions receiving instant graphical feedback.
  • Competencies for Corporate Citizenship Leadership: Detailed information on the competencies needed to lead a successful corporate citizenship or community involvement initiative in today’s 21st century company.
  • Standards of Excellence in Community Involvement: Management practices, processes and policies for managing your company's corporate community involvement.
  • Stages of Corporate Citizenship: The Center has identified five stages of citizenship development, in which a combination of internal capabilities applied to environmental challenges propels development forward.
  • Stages of Corporate Citizenship Tool: A survey tool that can help you identify the stage of development of corporate citizenship in your own company.


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