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Integrating and Executing Corporate Citizenship

For corporate citizenship to be managed effectively, it must become an integral part of the company’s strategy and operations. Through our research, we have identified best practices and trends in the practice of corporate citizenship for maximum results. 

Read more about this topic in our latest research and issue briefs:

Competencies for Corporate Citizenship Leadership
Explore our competencies research to find out about what is needed of professionals to lead corporate citizenship and community involvement in today’s 21st century company.



Profile of the Practice
See the Profile of the Practice to view the structures and systems keyed to citizenship in a broad sample of mostly North America-based companies. This survey provides a look at how companies organize to meet the demands of corporate citizenship, and how they manage multiple and sometimes conflicting responsibilities to investors, suppliers, customers, employees, community groups and to society at large.


Community Involvement Study
This study explores how companies are investing in communities and how these eff?orts connect to their businesses. The majority of companies today report that community involvement contributes to key business goals, including improved reputation and the attraction and retention of employees.

2015 Community Involvement Index

Leading corporate citizenship: governance, structure, systems
This article, which originally appeared in the journal Corporate Governance, benchmarks how 25 companies in five industries are addressing corporate citizenship through their governance, structures and systems. The paper looks at patterns of leadership practice developing in firms in this regard and what might be shaping them. It also considers current practices in light of movement toward next-generation corporate citizenship.


Integrating Corporate Citizenship: Leading from the Middle
Researchers from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship went inside eight companies and discovered it is often mid-level managers who lead efforts to integrate corporate citizenship. This research comes from The Center's Executive Forum, a peer-to-peer network where members exchange ideas, experiences and practical solutions. Over a two-year period The Center observed Forum members from such companies as Abbott, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Agilent Technologies, JPMorgan Chase, Levi Strauss & Co., Petro-Canada, Unocal Corporation, and Verizon to learn how they establish traction and create opportunities to align and integrate corporate citizenship company-wide.


Integration: Critical Link for Corporate Citizenship; Strategies and Stories from Eight Companies
This research report highlights the real experiences at eight companies as they worked to initiate and build momentum, catalyze change, and develop strategies to integrate corporate citizenship efforts to maximize effectiveness and impact. It is based on two-and-a-half years of working with mid- to senior-level managers in eight companies to explore how they worked to advance corporate citizenship in their organizations. The companies involved are AMD, Abbott, Agilent Technologies, JPMorgan Chase, Levi Strauss & Co., Petro-Canada, Unocal Corporation and Verizon Communications.


Corporate Citizenship Briefs:


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