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Corporate Citizenship Strategy

For corporate citizenship to be effective it needs to be managed as all other business functions are managed. The Center has focused a major portion of its research on providing the information and tools to help companies integrate corporate citizenship further into the business.

Read more about this topic in our latest research and issue briefs:

Corporate Citizenship Management Framework
The Corporate Citizenship Management Framework (CCMF) helps define the scope and interrelations involved in creating a state-of-the-art corporate program. Use it to help educate yourself and others at your company on what corporate citizenship means and its impact on the entire organization.



CCMF Online Assessment Tool
The CCMF Assessment Tool is an online survey that helps you and/or your team self-assess the comprehensiveness of your corporate citizenship initiatives. Use the tool anytime and update it as often as you like. It is very easy to use and typical users require 20 minutes to an hour to complete the questions receiving instant graphical feedback.


Profile of the Practice
The structures and systems keyed to citizenship in a broad sample of mostly North America-based companies. A look at how companies organize to meet the demands of corporate citizenship, and how they manage multiple and sometimes conflicting responsibilities to investors, suppliers, customers, employees, community groups and to society at large.
» Download Profile of the Practice Executive Summary (pdf)
» Download Profile of the Practice (pdf available to members only; login required)


Stages of Corporate Citizenship
The Center has identified five stages of citizenship development, in which a combination of internal capabilities applied to environmental challenges propels development forward. Review the stages that companies go through, from first developing a strategy to transforming the business through corporate citizenship. Use our online tool to discover what stage your company is in.


Standards of Excellence in Community Involvement
The Standards of Excellence in Community Involvement are a set of management practices, processes and policies for managing your company's corporate community involvement.


Framework for the Future: Understanding and managing corporate citizenship from a business perspective
This paper looks at how corporate citizenship can be understood and managed from a business perspective. It provides a framework for approaching this challenge in today’s complex operating environment, an environment that simultaneously poses new risks and creates opportunities for business.


Designing a New Social Vision
A social vision is a statement of the company’s core operating values and the benefits it wants to make to society as it goes about carrying out its business goals and objectives. The social vision guides the collective behavior of the company, but it also gives direction to how the company should act in its relationships with external stakeholders.


Corporate Citizenship Briefs:



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