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Corporate Volunteer Benchmarking Tool

Does my employee volunteer program have enough staff? How can I provide my CEO requested data on whether other retail companies offer release time for volunteering? Is my employee participation rate low? Is my employee volunteering and giving program any good?

The Drivers of Effectiveness Survey Benchmarking Tool can help you answer these questions and more. The tool scores your program against the ideal, according to the Boston College Center’s Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs. These drivers consist of six evidence-based practices that are proven to lead to meaningful and substantive impact on the community and the business. (Learn more about the drivers in our publication, Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering.)

Volunteer Benchmark SurveyThis identification of your program’s strengths and weaknesses can help you develop strategic plans, garner internal support and make operational decisions. The tool also benchmarks your program to other respondent companies, allowing you to see how you compare to customary practices.

The Drivers of Effectiveness Survey Benchmarking Tool provides a three-page report on how well your employee volunteer program is structured to make a meaningful and substantive impact on the community and the company. The report scores your program against the ideal, identifies your program’s strengths and weaknesses, and compares your program to groups of respondent companies you choose such as the Fortune 500, retail companies or other benchmark group of your choosing.

To access the tool, go to, complete the strictly confidential survey (it takes roughly 30 minutes) and select the comparison reports you would like from the reports menu. Among those to choose from are reports that compare you to respondents that are Fortune 500, Fortune 100, retail or international companies and other categories.

Thanks to generous support from Bank of America, this user-friendly tool is free and open to all.

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