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Corporate Citizenship and Community Involvement Research

Below is a list of recent research reports from the Center. Click here to see a complete list of all research reports.

Profile of the Practice 2013
This Profile of the Practice 2013 report analyzes corporate citizenship strategies, operational structures, and business practices of 231 companies. It suggests that management of corporate citizenship is advancing and continues to be formalized and integrated into business. We found that above-average industry performers are more likely to have a formal corporate citizenship department, a program led at the executive level, and higher budgets for corporate citizenship and charitable giving.

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Value of Sustainability Reporting
The Center for Corporate Citizenship and EY produced the Value of Sustainability Reporting as a joint effort, and conducted a comprehensive survey that covered various aspects of an organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. The survey was conducted in late February and early March of 2013, and included the cost and benefits of reporting, as well as making connections to financial performance.

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Profile of the Professionals 2013: Leading Across the Organization
The Profile of the Professionals 2013 looks at the job satisfaction, professional development, motivations, and compensation of people working in corporate citizenship roles. This year’s findings reflect the progress and pathways of those professionals working to advance corporate citizenship.

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The State of Corporate Citizenship 2012
The 2012 State of Corporate Citizenship report is the Center's fifth biennial survey of the attitudes and commitments of business executives toward corporate citizenship. Executives surveyed issue a clear verdict - corporate citizenship delivers real business results. It doesn’t just make firms look good and employees feel good. It helps to achieve business goals such as increasing market share and managing risk.
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State of Corporate Citizenship 2012

Community Involvement Technology Vendor Survey 2013
This a member-only report providing insight from citizenship professionals who have worked with the vendors themselves. This report provides user experiences reviews, and advice from individuals who have used community involvement technology applications within the past two years.

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2012 Vendor Survey

Community Involvement Technology Vendors: An Overview
This is a free report that compiles information provided by 20 technology vendors about their capabilities and pricing. This report is in response to company requests for more and better information on the technology options for tracking employee volunteering and giving programs.

» Download the Community Involvement Technology Vendors: An Overview

2012 Vendor Survey

The 2011 Community Involvement Index: Focus on Results
In our super-connected era of transparency and increased scrutiny of business, community involvement is more than a nice thing to do. It’s an important part of doing business, as demonstrated by the increasing support it enjoys from top leadership. This is reflected in the findings of the Community Involvement Index survey, which show that most companies are working to increase the focus and impact of community involvement and to integrate the function more thoroughly with business strategy. This report provides information on how companies approach community involvement, how the function is organized and what strategies are employed to deliver social and business value.
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2011 CI Index


Profile of the Practice 2010
The structures and systems keyed to citizenship in a broad sample of mostly North America-based companies. A look at how companies organize to meet the demands of corporate citizenship, and how they manage multiple and sometimes conflicting responsibilities to investors, suppliers, customers, employees, community groups and to society at large.
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The following company snapshots are also available to members:


Profile of the Profession 2010: Corporate citizenship leaders for today and tomorrow
This report provides a snapshot of this profession, the role and responsibilities, of those within it. In addition to facts and figures on their backgrounds, positions and duties, this report explores what motivates today’s corporate citizenship professionals, what are the critical challenges they face and what it takes for them to succeed. This report also gives you a glimpse of the individuals behind the numbers, providing examples of a day in the life of a corporate citizenship professional and a portrait of the “typical” corporate citizenship professional.
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» A free two-page summary of key findings is also available. Click here to download Profile of the Profession 2010 Key Findings

2010 Profile of the Profession


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