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Measurement & Reporting

We all know “what gets measured, gets managed.” Measurement of corporate citizenship and community involvement outcomes and impacts is more important than ever. The Center provides powerful guidance on this difficult challenge and the latest information and advice on how to report and communicate your results.

Read more about this topic in our latest research and issue briefs:

A Closer Look at GRI's Proposed Standards
GRI is transitioning G4—its most comprehensive and up-to-date reporting framework—from guidelines to standards, and is in the process of receiving feedback from global stakeholders. While GRI’s proposed transition to standards hasn’t completely changed the content of the framework, it has changed its format and some language. This spreadsheet provides the entire framework in the proposed standards format in a way that can be sorted, searched and filtered to your own specifications. Final standards are expected to be released in late October 2016. Document updated September 2016


How to Read a Corporate Social Responsibility Report: A user’s guide
This guide is intended to help those approaching CSR reporting for the first time, as well as those looking to deepen their understanding of what makes for a thorough CSR report. Its focus is on CSR reporting as practiced by North American companies, but it is applicable to CSR reporting more generally as well. While this publication is a great resource on how to read a CSR report, it may be just as valuable for those looking for advice on how to write a CSR report.


Value of Social Reporting
This research looked at the process and outcomes of reporting: how companies prepare the reports, the effects of reporting on management practices, the changes companies expect to make in the future, and the lessons they have learned along the way. It includes seven case studies detailing the back story of how and why companies are publicly reporting on corporate citizenship.


How Virtue Creates Value for Business and Society: Investigating the value of environmental, social and governance activities
This report illustrates some of the ways that the most advanced companies have created value from their environmental, social, and governance programs. It also explains why such programs are so hard to assess quantitatively, and lays out a framework for how companies can develop programs strategically, meaningfully assess the value they create, and communicate that value internally and externally. It is based primarily on interviews with 20 companies from 11 industries, and a McKinsey Quarterly global survey of CFOs, investment professionals and corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals.


Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Communications: Who's Listening? Who's Leading? What Matters Most?
This report assesses trends and best practices in corporate responsibility-focused communications, as well as the effectiveness of newer communications efforts. Key findings address the role of transparency as an indicator of responsible business practices, the expectation for companies to lead on key global health and social issues, and the importance of investors and employees (current and prospective) as key audiences.


Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering: The Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs and Fortune 500 Performance
To help community involvement professionals steer their volunteer programs toward high community and company impact, this report presents an absolute and a relative benchmark of effectiveness for employee volunteering. The absolute benchmark consists of the Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs composed of the six practices or drivers that, according to existing research, generate community and company impact. The relative benchmark consists of findings from a survey of over 200 Fortune 500 companies that measured collective compliance with the drivers and identified best practices from high performers.


Measurement Demystified: Determining the Value of Corporate Community Involvement
This report takes a magnifying glass to the measurement process. It looks at seven companies - 3M, IBM, Petro-Canada, PPL, Prudential Insurance, Sears, Roebuck & Co., and Suncor Energy Inc. - that have demonstrated best practices in measuring their community involvement programs and deconstructs the processes they follow.  


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