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Corporate Citizenship Management Framework

CCMF diagramThe Center has created a management framework for corporate citizenship, developed from more than 20 years of experience working with companies. Our framework approaches corporate citizenship from a business perspective that considers the risks, opportunities and value creation that drive business strategy.

The Corporate Citizenship Management Framework (CCMF) outlines four domains of the business to be considered in corporate citizenship management.

  • Corporate Values, Mission, Principles, Policies - Integration and Accountability: Embedding corporate citizenship in the governance and management structure of the company. This dimension addresses how a company's core values, mission, vision and governance structures support or prevent the company from understanding and managing corporate citizenship as an integrated part of business strategy.
  • Community Engagement - Addressing Social Challenges: Mobilizing the company's assets to address social issues and support social well-being (beyond creating jobs and paying taxes). This can range from simple philanthropy to participation in multistakeholder social issue partnerships engaging a range of corporate resources.
  • Operations - Responsible Business Practices: Utilizing responsible business practices to minimize potential negative impacts on society and maximize positive impacts. This dimension addresses how a company manages and reports to internal and external stakeholders on a broad range of issues, from health and safety to sustainable environmental practices to respect for human rights in the supply chain.
  • Products and Services - Market Strategy: Addressing societal needs with marketplace solutions that return a profit to the company. This can range from adapting existing products and services to be more eco-efficient or socially beneficial, to a fundamental reinvention of a company's product line or services.

For companies interested in assessing their corporate citizenship management practices, The Center has developed the Corporate Citizenship Assessment Tool, which mirrors the Corporate Citizenship Management Framework above. Designed as a self-assessment online survey, the tool can be a useful way to raise awareness and improve communication among key company staff, as well as help identify gaps and weaknesses in corporate citizenship management.

Learn more about our management framework in our publication, Framework for the Future: Understanding and managing corporate citizenship from a business perspective

View our Corporate Citizenship Briefs - brief overviews of the fundamental issues comprising corporate citizenship

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