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Past Conferences

Corporate Citizenship Conferences

2014 - Corporate Citizenship: Adaptable Leadership
March 23-25, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

The 2014 conference theme, Adaptable Leadership, focused on the need for corporate citizenship professionals to adapt to new and changing situations and environments. Adaptable leaders are able to continually “recalculate” and redefine their course or strategy, and know that while an end-goal is vital for driving success, the path to achieving that goal cannot be rigid. Whether it be taking advantage of new opportunities or circumventing barriers such as a new organizational structure, employing this adaptable mindset allows these leaders to successfully meet the demands of the situation at hand in real time, able to make the most of change in the short-term and drive success in the long-term. Keynote speakers from this conference included;Rajesh Subramaniam, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, Marketing & Communications, FedEx Corporation, Mitch Jackson, Vice President Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, FedEx Corporation, Jay Rasulo, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial  Officer, The Walt Disney Company, Deborah K. Holmes, Americas Director of Corporate Responsibility, EY, April Spencer, Partner,EY, Tim Hanlon, President Wells Fargo Foundation, Wells Fargo & Company, Jon Campbell, Executive Vice President, Director of Government and Community Relations, Wells Fargo & Company, Georgette Dixon, Senior Vice President, Director of National Partnerships Government & Community Relations, Wells Fargo & Company, Marlene M. Ibsen, Chief Executive Officer and President of Travelers Foundation, Vice President, Community Relations, The Travelers Companies, Inc., Shawn H. Wilson,  President,  Usher's New Look, Andy Boynton,  Dean, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, Trisa Thompson, VP, Corporate Responsibility, Dell Inc., Chip Heath, Best Selling Author.

2013 - Corporate Citizenship: Designing Opportunity
April 21-23, 2013: Boston, MA

Designing Opportunity was the theme of this year's conference which emphasized corporate citizenship's potential for fueling innovation and growth. Boston College research and the practice of leading companies show that linking citizenship activities to core business strategy can lead to new products, expanded markets, a more engaged workforce, improved relationships in the community, and, ultimately, a stronger financial performance of the firm. Keynote speakers from this conference included; Andy F. Bessette, Chief Administrative Officer, The Travelers Companies, Inc, Joan K. Woodward, Executive Vice President of Public Policy,President of the Travelers Institute, The Travelers Companies, Inc., Joelle Murchison Hayes, Vice President, Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion, The Travelers Companies, Inc., Marlene M. Ibsen, Chief Executive Officer and President of Travelers Foundation,Vice President, Community Relations, The Travelers Companies, Inc.,Timothy R. Baer, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretar, Target, Denise Morrison, President and chief executive officer,Campbell Soup Company, Jennifer Hunter, Senior Vice Presiden, Corporate Affair, Altria Client Services, Michael Monahan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Pitney Bowes Inc., Rob DeMartini, President and Chief Executive Office, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., Christine Madigan, Vice President, Responsible Leadership, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., Sandra Fenwic, President and Chief Operating Officer, Boston Children's Hospital and Seth Godin, Best-selling author. Get related links here. 

2012 - Corporate Citizenship: Managing many Interests
March 25-27, 2012; Phoenix, AZ

Successful corporate citizenship is all about managing many interests – the community, workplace, marketplace, investors and others – in a way that contributes to the bottom line. How to make this work for your company was the focus of the 2012 International Corporate Citizenship Conference. Keynote presenters included Donald Brandt, Chairman and CEO & Edward Fox,Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Arizona Public Service; David Jones, Global CEO, Havas; Brendan LeBlanc, Executive Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, and Leisha John, Americas Director of Environmental Sustainability, for Ernst & Young; James Nevels, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hershey Company; Brad Smith, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft and Trisa Thompson, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility for Dell. Get related links here.

2011 - Corporate Citizenship: Make the Connection
April 10-12, 2011; Minneapolis, MN

Keynote presenters included Brian J. Dunn, CEO, Best Buy; Jan Fields, President, McDonald's USA; Andy Boynton, Dean, Carroll School of Management, Boston College; Tony heredia, VP, Corporate Risk, Target. Major sponsors were Best Buy, Target, General Mills, McDonald's, Medtronic, FedEx, Humana, Northern Trust, Travelers, State Street, UPS, Altria, TransCanada, Pitney Bowes, MasterCard Worldwide, Wells Fargo, Experian, Cargill, Boeing, Microsoft, CenterPoint Energy, NationalGrid, Sprint, Verizon, Toyota, 3BL Media, CSRwire, and Fenton. Get related links here.

2010 - Corporate Citizenship: Winning a Seat at the Table
April 11-13, 2010; Boston, MA

The theme for this conference was "Winning a Seat at the Table." During these turbulent times, more companies are discovering the financial and reputational advantages that come with a solid commitment to corporate citizenship. Has your company made a place at the table for corporate citizenship? Don’t fall behind as competitors create new business strategies, management processes and stakeholder relationships to meet new societal expectations placed on companies. Keynote presenters included Kurt Kuehn, Chief Financial Officer, UPS; Nadira Hira, writer, Fortune magazine; Dan Roam, author, Founder, Roam Digital; and John Hoffman, vice president, HBO Documentary Films. Major sponsors were Fidelity Investments, Lockheed Martin, PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Street Corporation, UPS, Verizon, Accenture, Altria, FedEx, ING, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., Northrop Grumman, Target Corporation, TransCanada, ARAMARK, CEMEX, Kaiser Permanente, National Grid, Sprint, Toyota, and The Walt Disney Company. Get related links here

2009 - Corporate Citizenship: Leading Change, Finding Opportunity
March 29-31, 2009; San Francisco, CA

This conference occurred in the midst of one of the worst economic crises the U.S. has seen. Its focus was on providing the corporate citizenship professionals in attendance with the tools they need to help their companies rebuild trust, strengthen the brand, add value to the bottom line and keep employees energized. Keynote speakers included John Elkington, co-founder of SustainAbility; Van Jones, President Obama's special adviser for green jobs and enterprise and innovation and founding president of Green For All ; Dev Patnaik, author of Wired to Care; sustainability expert Adam Werbach; and Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap. Major sponsors were Intel Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Accenture, Fidelity Investments, Kaiser Permanente, State Street Corporation, UPS, Baxter International, FedEx Corporation, Haley & Aldrich, ING, Levi Strauss & Co., Microsoft Corporation, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation, Petro-Canada, Sprint, Target Corporation and TransCanada. Get related links here

Other Conferences

2009 - Meeting the 21st Century Education Challenge: A summit on how business can help transform U.S. education
This summit marked the beginning of a major new effort to reimagine and reinvigorate corporate efforts to revitalize U.S. education, bringing together many of the nation’s top education thought leaders with senior corporate practitioners to begin tackling this enormous challenge. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about and influence the direction of a major new initiative at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship: the Uncommon Table: An Innovation Lab for Business Leadership in Education, which was launched with a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Learn more about this conference or view our post-conference portal.


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