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Social Resources in Corporate Citizenship

We have compiled resources on employee engagement, diversity, and community involvement, from philanthropy and volunteerism to partnerships and disaster relief. Get new ideas and inspiration by learning about the programs of other leading companies, and learn how to build innovative programs that have positive impacts on your communities.

Read more about this topic in our latest research, company examples and issue briefs:


Community Involvement Study 2015
In our super-connected era of transparency and increased scrutiny of business, community involvement is more than a nice thing to do. It’s an important part of doing business, as demonstrated by the increasing support it enjoys from top leadership. This is reflected in the findings of the Community Involvement Study, which show that most companies are working to increase the focus and impact of community involvement and to integrate the function more thoroughly with business strategy. This report provides information on how companies approach community involvement, how the function is organized and what strategies are employed to deliver social and business value. This document is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.  



Personal and professional opportunities motivate employees to volunteer
Researchers investigated why employees participate in employee volunteer programs. They found that employee motivations for participating in these programs differ substantially from motivations for volunteering outside of work. Employee volunteers look for opportunities to advance their careers and help their employers while participating in work-based programs. This document is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.

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Perceptions of corporate motives for CSR affect consumer behavior
This study looked at how perceptions of cause-related marketing initiatives influence consumers’ beliefs, attitudes, and intentions. Researchers found that consumers’ perceptions of a firm’s motivations and how well a cause fits with a brand are extremely important to consumers’ opinions of a firm. 

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Webinar: Dedicated Service Programs - Days, weeks and months that give back
This webinar features Biogen and Alcoa to explore their organization-wide dedicated service programs that commit a day, week or month to a volunteer event. We’ll look at how companies use these programs to rally their employees, create visibility for their brand, showcase senior leadership and drive change in their communities. This video is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. 



Webinar: Engaging employees globally
Global companies, or companies planning to expand globally, face many challenges and questions. How can they expand or replicate programs? What methods of standardization can they employ? Is there a way to juggle everything? Engaging employees globally involves balancing corporate interest, local culture, politics, satellite management, and a host of other factors. Disney, Alcoa, and Sanofi share how they are managing such global programs and offer advice on bringing your social programming to new lands. This video is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.  



Integrating environmental and social impacts into the bottom line: Dogeared’s story of attaining B Corporation certification
Dogeared, Inc. discusses their decision to become a Certified B Corporation, as a way to connect their social and environmental impacts to the bottom line of the company.

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CSC’s journey toward strategic corporate responsibility
Despite having a fairly new corporate responsibility program, CSC has had an interesting journey to implementing their new goals. Mark Delisi, CSC's Director of Corporate Responsibility describes this transition.

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