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Corporate GovernanceCorporate governance refers to both the structure and the relationships which determine corporate direction and performance. Companies today are being asked to show that corporate citizenship starts at the top. Look here for information on board accountability, leadership, ethics, reporting, and transparency.

Profile of the Practice 2013

The Profile of the Practice 2013 is a signature research project of the Center for Corporate Citizenship that explores how the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions of business—corporate citizenship—are managed today, and how these practices have evolved since the last report in 2010.


State of Corporate Citizenship 2014
The State of Corporate Citizenship 2014 research report reveals how executives view corporate citizenship and their firms' performance in the environmental, social and governance dimensions of business - and how corporate citizenship efforts contribute to business objectives such as increasing market share and improving financial performance.


Transparency leads to higher liquidity and lower transaction cost in many operating context
Researchers examined the link between transparency, liquidity, cost of capital and firm valuation at firms across 46 countries. Their results indicate that transparent companies achieve higher liquidity and lower transaction costs making the company more attractive to investors.

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Board member characteristics can influence firms’ ESG performance
Researchers analyzed the characteristics of members of boards of directors and compared it with data on environmental, social, and governance performance. The study shows that the proportion of outside directors, as well as the characteristics of individual board members, such as gender and culture, can be factors in ESG performance. This document is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.

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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
This brief focuses on the system by which organizations are directed and controlled. Traditionally, the core function of corporate governance has been to provide a check on management’s power and ensure that shareholders’ interests are served. Recently, however, after various corporate scandals corporations began to consider social and environmental performance in shaping their governance platforms. This broader notion of corporate governance accounts for how corporate decisions affect a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, shareholders and the wider community. This document is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.

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Webinar: Why diversity, inclusion, and development are material to your business
For the first time in American history, women make up a greater percentage of the workforce in professional jobs than men, and earn well over half of all University degrees. However, only 3% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Recent research and writing on the topic of women in the workplace seem to suggest that women still face immense challenges in the work place, and may opt to leave firms rather than languish in stalled careers or face ever-increasing social pressure to be everything to everyone. So how can you keep qualified, talented women at your firm, develop them as leaders, and reap the benefits all around? Watch this one hour webinar with Laura Pollard from Fidelity and Jennifer Allyn from PwC as they discuss how their companies are taking steps to address these important questions and reap the social and business value of women leadership. This video is for members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it.

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Creating the business case for women’s empowerment in the workplace: LIFE at Rothstein Kass
The LIFE program, which stands for Leadership, Inspiration, Family and Empowerment, is a leadership development platform for women working at Rothstein Kass. It is designed to give female associates the opportunity to network and participate in professional development opportunities, and has ultimately created value for the bottom line of the firm.

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