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2011 Community Involvement Study

How does your community involvement program compare?

The latest edition of the Community Involvement Study gives you a snapshot of current trends and statistics on how companies approach community involvement, how the function is organized and what strategies are employed to deliver social and business value.

Since 1995, the Center for Corporate Citizenship has surveyed community involvement practitioners about their companies’ community involvement, their internal support, programming resources and policies, and critical social issues that draw corporate attention. The findings are detailed in the Center’s Community Involvement Study. This year, 490 companies participated in the survey.

Some key findings include:

  • 86 percent of companies have a specific community involvement strategy, and among those who do, 67 percent link their community involvement strategy to a broader corporate citizenship strategy.
  • 59 percent of companies are organized to manage community involvement with strategy and direction that is set centrally but executed locally.
  • The majority of respondents’ companies formally measure the output of their philanthropic efforts (59 percent), volunteer programs (60 percent), and overall community involvement strategy (53 percent), but less than a third measure the outcomes of any of those investments.
  • Education was by far the issue most frequently cited (75 percent) by respondents as a critical issue for their community involvement.

More member resources from the CI Study

To further expand on the knowledge provided by the Community Involvement Study, Center members are invited to participate in online Member Community discussions related to the topics covered by the survey, such as the best way to get senior management involved. These discussions will be ongoing so members together can build on what they learn from our research.

In addition to the information contained in the report, Center members have access to our archived webinar, “Taking stock of how community initiatives compare”.  This webinar highlights key findings with two member speakers: Bridget G. Hurd, director, Community Responsibility, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; and Joyce Witte, Community Investment Adviser, EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.

More print copies of the report are available to members on request to help you provide an informed perspective at all levels and in all departments within your company on community involvement. The survey reveals that the wide majority of respondents find senior management involvement contributes to the success of community involvement programs.

The Community Involvement Study is one of four biennial signature research surveys conducted by the Center for Corporate Citizenship. The other three surveys are: The State of Corporate Citizenship, The Profile of the Practice, and The Profile of the Profession.

2011 Community Involvement Index

The 2011 Community Involvement Study
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