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Certificate of Practice: Corporate Citizenship Intensive

The critical question facing companies today is not “whether” or “why” it makes sense to develop and execute a comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship management, but “how?” How do we organize the many activities into a coherent corporate citizenship strategy that advances business goals?  How do we put structures, processes, systems, and incentives in place to engage employees in the pursuit of corporate citizenship excellence? How do we create and report out on meaningful performance goals? And how do we communicate to internal and external stakeholders about our company as a corporate citizen? This program will provide managers with the tools, frameworks and skills to tackle those issues as they advance good corporate citizenship performance throughout your company.

What to expect
Created for managers who have responsibility for corporate citizenship execution within their functional area or across the entire organization, this 4½-day program will provide a solid foundation on which to build and enhance corporate citizenship. The Corporate Citizenship Management Intensive is held on the campus of Boston College with instruction provided by faculty from the Carroll School of Management and other experts in the field. Through exercises, lectures, examples, case studies and small group interactions, this program will provide you with technical knowledge and skills as well as a grounding in management fundamentals.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Articulate the fundamental principles and scope of corporate citizenship
  • Outline the evidence of corporate citizenship as both a social and business value
  • Craft a comprehensive corporate citizenship strategy that aligns with the business strategy and objectives
  • Identify and utilize drivers/components/aspects of organizational change that create meaningful behavior change
  • Develop a measurement and reporting strategy that allows you to track progress and drive continuous improvement
  • Devise a communication plan to share your corporate citizenship efforts with internal and external stakeholders

Participants who complete the program are awarded a Certificate of Practice in Corporate Citizenship from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

Who Would Benefit from this Program
This program is designed for professionals who are leading or substantially contributing to the creation, development, or advancement of corporate citizenship within their companies.  Participants may work typically within these functional units:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/CR)
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Community Involvement
  • Public Affairs
  • EH&S

Other functional areas likely to be closely engaged with corporate citizenship initiatives include: human resources, communications, marketing, and government relations. Individuals from those areas would also benefit from this course.

The Course of Study

Principles and Scope of Corporate Citizenship

  • Define corporate citizenship  and explain its relationship to the goal of sustainable development
  • Articulate the principles of good corporate citizenship
  • Describe the scope of management responsibility associated with being a good corporate citizen
  • Demonstrate a basic step model for developing and executing a corporate citizenship strategy

Corporate Citizenship Vision & Strategy

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of corporate citizenship vision statements
  • Assess organizational culture and the role it plays in corporate strategy
  • Acquire an understanding of stakeholder salience and issue materiality
  • Explain how to leverage issue materiality to link corporate citizenship and business strategies

Measuring Corporate Citizenship Performance & Reporting

  • Create meaningful corporate citizenship performance goals
  • Evaluate existing reporting standards and frameworks
  • Critique current reporting best practices

Integrating and Aligning Corporate Citizenship

  • Analyze the basic concepts and common challenges of organizational change
  • Leverage characteristics of organizational change in the development and execution of corporate citizenship practices
  • Examine best practices of integrated corporate citizenship strategy
  • Illustrate the relationship among the components of corporate strategy

Communicating Corporate Citizenship

  • Articulate the challenges associated with corporate citizenship communication
  • Explain how to develop effective corporate citizenship messaging
  • Identify common communication pitfalls
  • Evaluate different communication channels for effectiveness in corporate citizenship communication

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