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Center for Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy

Leadership is critical to the advancement of good corporate citizenship within and beyond the boundaries of your company. You may be leading your company’s transition toward strategic integrated corporate citizenship, or you may be trying to take a specific component of your company’s corporate citizenship strategy to a new level. This program will help you understand and strengthen your ability as a leader so that you can engage and influence others to achieve improved organizational alignment, broader buy-in across the organization and, ultimately, increase long-term business and social value.

Leaders with corporate citizenship responsibilities encounter common challenges:

  • Developing innovative, high-impact corporate citizenship initiatives that support the business
  • Engaging colleagues across the firm and at all levels - including executives - in the development and execution of strategy
  • Demonstrating and communicating the value of corporate citizenship initiatives
  • Expanding high-performing programs regionally, nationally or globally
  • Aligning programs with other corporate citizenship initiatives
  • Navigating organizational transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, and CEO and direct supervisor transitions

The Center for Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy is an intensive six-month program for developing leaders with strategic responsibilities within the corporate citizenship spectrum – from community involvement to diversity/inclusion to supply chain to EHS. The program is a comprehensive blend of on-campus instructor-led classes and off-campus, facilitated peer-to-peer distance learning. Participants who complete the program are awarded a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Leadership from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

Part 1: Learning Intensive
This comprehensive, interactive week-long workshop is held on the campus of Boston College, and taught by Carroll School of Management faculty, as well as content experts and practitioners in the field of leadership, management, or corporate citizenship. The curriculum sets the context for deeper exploratory understanding and discussion of leadership concepts such as vision setting, influence of corporate culture, and strategy development, as well as the tactical skills necessary to lead in complex organizations.

The Course of Study

Setting the Context for Corporate Citizenship Excellence

  • Identify the state of corporate citizenship in your company
  • Articulate corporate citizenship goals and aspirations
  • Identify common leadership challenges associated with corporate citizenship progress

Leaders and Leadership

  • Contrast different leadership styles and their characteristics
  • Identify the key attributes of leadership and the value of influencing skills in advancing  good corporate citizenship 
  • Recognize your own leadership style and the leadership style of others
  • Distinguish among the types of culture and its relationship to a leader
  • Outline how corporate culture is reflected internally and externally to an organization
  • Craft and implement a vision that serves to motivate and inspire others

Organizational Change

  • Distinguish among the key dimensions of organizational change
  • Understand how people react to change and the strategies to manage change
  • Illustrate the leadership skill set required to mobilize change within an organizational context
  • Apply the levers of organizational change: systems and  processes, incentives, people, and structure


  • Connect innovation to change and leadership skills
  • Illustrate the process of institutionalizing innovation across an organization
  • Discover strategies that lead to impactful new solutions for process and program improvement
  • Apply change management strategies to organizational adoption of social innovation

Communicating Effectively

  • Create and foster a shared understanding and build trust throughout an organization and the community through improved and effective communication skills
  • Develop and execute strategically-focused communication plans aligned with broader corporate messaging
  • Communicate corporate citizenship program performance effectively to promote, advocate and obtain buy-in from across the organization

Part 2: Knowledge Application and Sharing
Reflective exercises and personal journal assignments serve to advance the classroom learning and provide you with a powerful tool for self-assessment. Four activities, designed to keep you engaged in reflection about leadership, are assigned over a five-month period. In addition, action learning groups are formed and convene virtually over a five-month period. These regularly scheduled and facilitated, interactive small-group discussions with peers provide a structured framework that enables participants to apply their on-campus learning to specific organizational challenges they are facing in their company. Group members are also actively engaged in the problem-solving process offering feedback, ideas, guidance, and advice to other group members.

Part 3: Leadership Summit
All Academy participants gather for a one-day session to share the experiences, successes, and ongoing challenges of their leadership journey. Within this highly engaging workshop, participants discuss lessons learned as they pursued their personal commitment to effect change as leaders within their organization. The Leaders’ Summit helps participants to identify commonly experienced learning and observations about leadership from the corporate citizenship professional perspective. Participants leave the program with practical tools and a confidence in their leadership abilities as they continue their professional journey.

Part 4: International Corporate Citizenship Conference
To build on your development as a leader within your organization and the broader corporate citizenship arena, the Leaders’ Summit is held in conjunction with our annual conference so that Academy participants may attend as a guest of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. The summit will be held Saturday, April 20, 2013 in Boston, the location of our 2013 International Corporate Citizenship Conference. Through completion of the Leadership Academy, participants earn a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Leadership from the Carroll School of Management.

Who Should Attend?
This program is designed for experienced managers who have direct corporate citizenship responsibilities and whose scope of influence includes strategy development and execution. Previous participants have brought challenges such as determining how to create an integrated approach to corporate citizenship, expanding an already highly visible signature program globally, integrating two community involvement functions after a corporate merger, and increasing employee engagement in corporate citizenship activities. Enrollment in the Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy is by application. Qualified applicants must have:

  • A minimum of five years of direct corporate citizenship experience and demonstrated expertise and scope of responsibility; OR
  • A certificate in Corporate Community Involvement Management or Corporate Citizenship Management from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and a minimum of three years of direct corporate citizenship experience

A recent graduate explained how her participation in the Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy, enabled her to expand an employee volunteer program globally:
“The critical moment that allowed me to really make progress was when my team and I shifted our thinking to view the challenge not as a project to be managed but as a leadership challenge to be met.  We approached the work so much differently and were able to move so much more quickly and effectively leveraging the tools and knowledge I’d gained in the Academy.”  
-Kathleen Ryan Mufson, Director of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Pitney Bowes

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