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Institute on Corporate Citizenship

Not long ago good corporate citizenship was synonymous with good community involvement. But there is growing recognition that good corporate citizenship encompasses much more. Whether it’s called corporate social responsibility, corporate responsibility or sustainability, companies need formal, comprehensive and integrated approaches to corporate citizenship management.  Community involvement programs must be aligned with the emerging corporate citizenship vision and strategy.

As a community involvement professional, you can take steps to ensure that community involvement evolves with the changing environment. This program will translate the complex concepts, ideas and language of corporate citizenship into practical and useful models and tools. 

What to expect

Utilizing exercises, lectures, examples, case studies and small group interactions, this 2 ½ day program will provide a solid foundation of corporate citizenship and enhance your ability to contribute effectively to your firm's success.

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Define the fundamental principles and scope of corporate citizenship
  • Outline the evidence for the growth and drivers of corporate citizenship
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of social responsibility from different stakeholder perspectives
  • Connect corporate citizenship goals to organizational objectives
  • Position community involvement within an integrated corporate citizenship strategy

The Course of Study

Corporate Citizenship in the 21st Century

  • Define corporate citizenship
  • Examine the changing role of business in society
  • Identify the principles of corporate citizenship
  • Explain key drivers for corporate citizenship growth

Stakeholders and Material Issues

  • Identify and prioritize stakeholders
  • Assess shifting stakeholder expectations
  • Summarize social and environmental issue lifecycles
  • Determine issue materiality as a basis for corporate citizenship strategy development

Corporate Citizenship in Practice

  • Assess your company's stage of corporate citizenship development
  • Understand how companies organize and articulate corporate citizenship strategies
  • Identify corporate citizenship management best practices

Who would benefit from this program

This program is designed for professionals with community involvement responsibilities. Individuals from other functional areas such as public and government affairs, sustainability, corporate responsibility, public relations, marketing and communications - who have direct contact with key company stakeholders and/or who work closely with their company's community involvement function – will also benefit from this program. If multiple people from your company would benefit from this program it can be brought on-site. Email Eileen Blinstrub for details.

This course is a core requirement for the Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management


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  • Non-Member: $2,495.00

Dates and Locations:

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Course Logistics:

  • Learn more about course logistics, including the course schedule, cancellation policy, and other general information.

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